Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

NiNi – Cerebral Palsy

I met NiNi, one of the cerebral palsy clients from Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center.

Nini is 38 years old and was born in Rangoon, Burma. She has Cerebral Palsy. It caused during her birth. The doctor couldn’t get to the hospital in time, NiNi was suffocating and her body was blue when she came out. In Burma, the doctor didn’t take good responsibility back then, no operation, no oxygen equipment and the doctor left the room as soon as he heard NiNi cried. The doctor didn’t show up for 3 days after the birth and didn’t know that Nini was unconscious for 5 days. When she was one year old, they learned that she had Cerebral Palsy because she couldn’t stand, walk and talk. She could stand better when she was 7, but she falls a lot untill this age.

The family moved to America in 1989. NiNi joined movement therapy class before she started her school in America. Also they learned that swimming is very good for her balance. Her waist is very weak so walking in the water is the best exercise for her balance. She has been swimming since 1991 and she loves it so much.

She wanted to be involved in the Underwater Transformative Photography Project because she likes to challenge and learn new things.

Nini waits until the pool clears. She couldn’t wait to jump in the water!

Mother and daughter 🙂

I was  so excited in the beginning and it was a little scary. Water felt good on my skin 🙂 I felt like I was going to fall all the time. I couldn’t stay under the water very long 🙁 But I really enjoyed the good time with taking pictures under the water. I learned a lot from Erena. It was very special. Thank you!”

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