Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Come celebrate for my first self-published book!!

April 12 Come celebrate for my first self-published book!!

@WORKSHOP 1798 McAllister Street, San Francisco, California 94115

I recently self published a photo book of 13 cancer survivors and their inspirational stories.


I would love to celebrate both the success of the indiegogo campaign http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/underwater-healer-about-face and the book release with my contributors, friends and family. I’ll also be showing and selling both prints and the photo book. All the proceeds will go toward renting a Tokyo gallery space, MIDORI.SO for my exhibition that will happen in May.


My work was featured on different media.
(yay, thank youuuuu-!)

Most recently, it was featured on Comprehensive Cancer Center site
(Thank you sooooo much!)

I was invited to USMA conference, organized by Genentech in the end of April.
(This is craaaaazy!)

It means a lot to see this project spreading around!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support, everyone!
I would not have been able to do this campaign without your support!!

Besides my book, I’ll be selling my YOKAI metal prints and other canvas prints from the previous shows. Prices are half of the gallery price.

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Hope to see you there.
Erena (and it’s my birthday!)


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