Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Talks at Cayman Island Cancer Society’s Annual Event!

After the first trip to Grand Cayman scuba trip in April, I went back to the island two months later to give a talk!

I think it was 92F in April so… it’s cooler in June…

Cayman Island Cancer Society invited me to their annual dinner event in June. I had an opportunity to share my project in front of 250 people and I was thrilled to talk in front of survivors.

When I arrived, the operation manager, Jennifer picked me up from the airport. After I dropped my stuff off, we went to meet Dr. Perre who is representing the sponsor for the event. Then we all went to the radio station, Radio Cayman to talk!

It’s starting soon!!!

Introduction from the host…

Jennifer starting to mention what’s going on for the dinner event…

Dr. Perre answering questions about cancer…

I also spoke (couldn’t take my own photo!) and shared my project! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Then went to have dinner by observation tower…

Beautiful mosaic art in the stairway. You feel like you are underwater ~

Then it started raining…

Chickens and iguanas are everywhere…

The next day is the big day! I practiced a lot for this speech!!

They had a army theme…

We are ready!

One of the cancer survivors I’ve worked with!

Dr. Perre giving me advice!!

Let’s go!

People are coming in!!

My talk!

You can watch the talk from this link!

Next day, I did a photo shoot all day at this pool!

The owner had these puppies…


Lymphoma cancer survivor, Ava. Please see her beautiful images from here!

Leukemia survivor, Jasier. Please read his story here.

He is a good kid with a beautiful soul.

AND Cayman 27 news came to capture the moment!

Watch the news!

After the long day of shoot, I wanted to have a drink! This country now use paper straws to protect the marine animals!

So beautiful here

I didn’t go scuba diving this time but I still had to dip in the ocean! The very last day, I woke up early and walked to the beach.

This tree is called, bread fruit tree. One of the famous Cayman food. I never had it before but may be next time!


Here we go!

Water is so clear ~

Thank you for taking care of me, Jennifer! See you Cayman until next time ~

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