Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Jasier – Leukemia Survivor

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Leukemia Survivor

My name is Jasier and I’m 15 years old. I’m a Leukemia survivor.

Underwater photo shoot was a blast! Before the shoot, I was so excited and anxious because I have always wanted to do underwater photo shoot! I was new to this field but Erena said I fit right in. I felt the same!

I totally understood what she meant by being free underwater (during her presentation at CICS cancer dinner event). After the underwater photo shoot, I shared the underwater experience and my story on the CaymanTV, I hope it touched people to keep pushing themselves as well. Erena was very gentle with me and never made me feel like any of my poses were too extra or silly. She made me feel free because she didn’t judge my ideas and I appreciated that.

Water is amazing! Water  is a peace maker and I made peace like she said water does symbolize freedom, referring to the size of the ocean and depth. I even slept well that night because of it. Some nights can be a hassle and compared to those days and the day of the shoot, it was different, more simple to sleep. I would recommend this project to other cancer survivors or just about anyone looking to get away from the usual snapping moments of your life. Finally, thank you for being patient, Erena.

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