Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

2015 Maui yoga retreat and underwater yoga portrait photography

2015 Maui Yoga retreat and underwater yoga portrait photography

I’m back for Maui yoga retreat and underwater yoga portrait photography! I was SO happy to see my camera arriving safely, I want to give them LOVE everytime.


As soon as I got to the airport, I got an email from VICE Fightland asking me if they can use one of the underwater BJJ images for February issue. And they needed the image that night so as soon as I arrived the retreat center, I sent it right away. Taking care of my business! I’m so excited to see them in the magazine! Please get one when you have a chance!


Lumeria, a yoga retreat center was wonderful as always. I was there last year and happy to be there again 2 years in a row.


First dinner with amazing people. We all got along so easy!


This vegan chocolate mouse was so delicious. We were all speechless.


Everyday, I usually go swimming at 6 am, eat small breakfast then 8 am for 90 min. yoga. I love it!


After Brunch, we have free time for 6-7 hours before the restorative yoga session at 5pm. I’m usually chilling by the water, hanging out at the beach or listening to the music outside. Good practice to not stress out and do ABSOLUTELY nothing!! (I didn’t know how to adjust my busy life to the aloha land in the beginning)


As same as last year, we used their pool to do underwater yoga portrait photography session! Unfortunately, 3 of us were too sick to join us 🙁


After the photo shoot, I was looking at all the images. We have so many good and memorable shots here! I organized a presentation for after dinner time to laugh 🙂 This is our annual Matrix! More pictures coming soon!!


My first underwater selfie!


Last day of the retreat, it started raining pretty hard in Makawao, Paia area. I was still enjoying the rain…


Last brunch at Lumeria. It was a fantastic time being here with awesome group again!


After I left Lumeria, I spent 2 nights in Paia. Since it was raining so hard and the beach was not appealing, I thought this is a perfect time to go visit one of the BJJ Academy in Maui! The instructor, Lori was originally from Oakland and she new a lot of female BJJ practitioners from the Bay Area including my friends! Such a small world! I had a great time being on the mat for the first time in 2015!!


Last day, I decided to drive up to Lahaina area (northwest) to look for the sun…. and I found it! Finally I’m getting dark color in me!


Stayed there for 3 hrs and decided to watch the sunset. So beautiful here…


A beautiful rainbow all the way-


After I soaked in the sun and the ocean, I went shopping for souvenirs. When I travel, I always tour supermarket. Finding all the local stuff are interesting, specially all the snacks! Hawaiian Kettle Korn with the side of Poke!


Mango Habanero….5 bucks!


Hawaiian Special Spirulina Popcorn!!??? My mouth and teeth are all green.


I love supermarket. All poke to myself.


I had no idea we had this much of different SPAM!


Oh yeah


This was my 4th year in Maui and 2nd time for the Yoga Retreat/Underwater Portrait Photography. We all had a great time to get to know each other and to relax at the beautiful retreat center. Lisa just announced we are going back there again in January 18-22, 2016!! If you want to hold a spot, please contact LisaDanylchuk!



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