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Looking to 2016

Itís unbelievable to think that 2016 is less than 10 days away!† Last week I looked back at 2015 and some of my most dear moments.† This week, I want to look forward to 2016 and what I aim to accomplish.

Iím setting a personal goal to speak more in 2016.† Two of my three most favorite 2015 moments were speaking engagements and I want to continue to grow myself as a public speaker.† Not only do I want to reach people at the far corners of the world – inspire them with stories of courage, strength and beauty – but I also want to challenge myself.† I want to grow as an orator.† I have met with a speaking coach and am excited to push myself to overcome any nerves and polish my presentation style.† I love talking to groups and want to speak to even larger audiences.† Whether it be an Apple Store presentation, speaking at a university or organization, I am enthusiastic to see what keynote opportunities arise and seek them out even more in 2016.


My biggest goal that I am working towards is to present a TED talk.† Itís not an easy feat, only 50 speakers are chosen each year at the conference, but I believe in myself.† I know that with practice and preparation I can share my story of Underwater Healer and the transformation of the survivors to a global audience.† Iím optimistic that in 2016 I will present a local TEDx talk, a stepping stone to the much larger TED conference.† Itís very much an achievable goal and I get butterflies just thinking about obtaining it!† I know next year will be my biggest year yet – just wait and see!

Just as I work with cancer survivors transforming after their illness, I will be working on my own transformation next year.† I plan to learn, grow and push myself in new ways.† To go beyond my perceived limits and accomplish feats I never imagined.† I encourage you to do the same in 2016.† Remember – ďYou are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.Ē – C.S. Lewis.

Happy Holidays!

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