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Portland Trip Report!

Arrived in Portland!! Started walking around the neighborhood to get to the other side of the river.

It was about 80F.

Houses are really cute.

I love these pointy roofs.

Roses are blooming everywhere in the residential area.

I stopped by at Pearl Bakery to have a little snack before the SHIBARI workshop!

Vegan lemon poppy seeds was moist and delicious!

Shibari workshop was held at Sanctuary club.

Paintings are sexy.

My first attempt!

My friend, Audri had to stay with me for 3 hours. Thank you for being such an amazing model!

Thank you, Seattle Shibari, Johnathan!

Then I got to see the family!! Thank you Jerome for letting me borrow your wife!

Their dog, Hanzo.

Vegan chicken wrap! So deliciously fried!

Cathedral park.

Rose Garden was beautiful.


Houses around the garden were good looking.

Walked through the Washington park.

Then walked to the famous Powell bookstore. It was a perfect place to rest in AC.

I wanted to get an ice tea so I stopped by at this Bakery.

This vegan raspberry truffle was delicious!

I got to meet my friend Lindsay at the bar, Vintage.


The last day… I went for a walk in the morning.

I love stopping by at cafes in Portland. They are so cute.

It was a nice walk and saw this pup getting sunbathe.

Then I packed my stuff and checked out my Airbnb. Walked to this cafe to meet my friend, Yoko!

It’s been awhile, we had a great time catching up over lunch!

I walked around for a little before I head to the airport.

Portland trip was condensed (as my usual trip) and fun! It felt like I was there longer than 2 days. I would love to go back there again!

I came back to San Francisco with this heat… phewwww

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