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Boston Trip Report

Boston Trip Report

This was my Boston office for few days!! I’m missing it!


I met Chien-Chi, a breast cancer survivor at 7:30-8:30am We connected in the water instantly!


I met Katie at 8:30-9:30. She had her own mermaid tail from Hawaii! She did a beautiful job in the water!


I met Kim at 9:30-10:30. She was nervous at first but look at this! She looks so natural!


Next day, I had a presentation at Apple Store on Boylston street. I was super nervous as always. I had a different speaking coach this time and I practiced a lot before I left for Boston!


The event was successful! It was the most emotional and impactful presentation I’ve ever had!

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It was so nice to hear everyone talking about this project. My heart was full with happiness!



20150717_185612 IMG_5207

I made these cranes for Boston people to wish them good luck and feel better.

IMG_5143Next day, I had a maternity photo shoot with Vicky and Charles. They came from NY to support for my project. They helped me so much when I had a ABOUT FACE project in NY in 2013IMG_5229

We had lunch at The Neighborhood Restaurant in Somerville. I came here twice and I really liked it!

IMG_5194 IMG_5232

I was recommended to go to Spanish restaurant, Dali. I was introduced to delicious wince, La Cana.



I stopped by at this normal looking Sushi place. AND they were amazing!! So fresh!

IMG_5246I always walked by at this local bar with bunch of alcoholics at 1pm. I wanted to experience the localness in Somerville. People were so nice and friendly. The drinks were $4.50!


I really enjoyed being in Boston. I love exploring the city and I missed doing that.  I would love to come back here again! Thank you so much for your support, everyone!


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