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USA Today

USA Today

I’m so thrilled to announce that Underwater Healer About Face project was on USA Today last weekend!

8 Things People with Cancer Really Want to Say

1.† †The new normal is scary.

Really scary. So donít disappear on me when treatment ends! I may need you more than ever.

2.† †You canít catch cancer from me.

Itís not contagious. You can stop avoiding me now.

3.† †Everything might not be okay.

Please donít tell me that you ďknowĒ it will be.

4.† †If you canít handle this, I donít have time for you.

So if you walk away, donít try and come back when Iím healthy again.

5.† †Everyoneís experience with cancer is different.

So you really have to stop talking about your brotherís sister-in-lawís cousin who passed away from cancer. It doesnít help.

6.† †Chemo brain is real.

And itís hard to deal with. Please be patient with me. Itís not like I†want†to be forgetful.

7.† †Cancer doesnít define me.

So can we please talk about something else? Iím still me.

8.† †Life with cancer is an emotional rollercoaster.

The kind that goes upside down and leaves you hanging with the blood rushing to your face for a whileóso, yeah, I might be optimistic one day and a huge b**** the next. It happens.

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