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How We Can Heal Maui Yoga Retreat 2016 Recap

I can’t believe the How We Can Heal Maui Yoga Retreat has come and gone!  I had an amazing time of relaxation and meditation with a wonderful group of people.  We laughed so much this past week – we all have amazing memories that we have taken home.  In fact, we had so much fun we forgot to take yoga pictures!  But have no fear, we did take underwater portraits!  You saw a few sneak peeks earlier this week on Facebook (see below!), stay tuned for more!

I wanted to share feedback I received from two of the retreat participants.  It warms my heart to hear I have made a difference in someone’s life and also confirms I am on the right path with my work.  Feedback is critical and I am so thankful for their kind words!

First is Participant A, who had a strong fear of water. Notice, I said had! 🙂

“I was very apprehensive about the underwater photography session because I’ve always had a very strong fear of having my head under water. Erena has a wonderful gentle, beautiful spirit that touched me and helped me want to try to face and overcome my fear. I’ve come back to the yoga retreat for 3 years–and getting to work with Erena to face my fear was a major part of why I wanted to keep coming to Lumeria.  I Just finished my third year and I had so much fun in the water– and more importantly, I feel so good about myself. The underwater sessions have shown me that I can trust others to help me face and overcome my fears–and that when I let go of my fear, it can be replaced with joy and fun! Being together as a group underwater brings you much closer in a short time– it is a magical bonding experience.  I am so thankful I had the life-changing opportunity to work with Erena in these underwater photography sessions.”

Second is Participant B, who lives with Crohn’s disease.  She has had a very hard battle over the past few years and it has reflected on her self-esteem.  I am happy to report my session had a very positive impact on her!

“Erena’s presentation moved me, I love what she does!!  I have really severe Crohn’s disease and I have been very sick for about 20 years. I have had most of my colon removed and I have a great deal happening with my health. When you showed us the video clip about working with cancer patients I had to hold my breath – I wanted to cry – because I can relate..I may not have cancer, but I am often afraid for my life..with an illness that has been ever present in my daily world. I had most of my colon removed and after major surgery, I gained 50 pounds. I often do not feel pretty, I struggle hard with my perception of myself..the underwater photo shoot gave us a taste of being free..even if it was just for a time. That was a beautiful experience and I am so grateful for it smile emoticon We had so much fun!!  Thank you for giving me a small piece of myself back!”

I will be sharing their photos, and other’s stories and photos, over the next few weeks.  I can not express how rejuvenated I feel – how rejuvenated we all feel!  I encourage all of you to attend next year – the laughter, the meditation and healing yoga, and strong connections you make create a lasting impact.  I hope you join us and experience the positivity, happiness, laughter and love everyone shares.

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