Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

2019 Florida trip – Shipwreck, alligators and sharks!

Red eye flight to get to Florida! I drove 2 hours from Fort Lauderdale to Key Largo.

As soon as I arrived in Key Largo hotel, Marina Del Mar, I jumped in the pool immediately!

So refreshing!

I was not diving until the next day so I decided to walk around to check out the neighbor hood. Nobody was walking lol as usual.

I found a Stephen Frink’s gallery. He is one of my inspiring underwater photographers and they were getting ready for DEMA show.

Then I wanted to get some snacks… This waffle house caught my eyes. I usually don’t eat waffles but I had to stop there to check it out. Ladies were so friendly and working hard!

Also checked out a Cuban restaurant. Food was ok here. May be I didn’t order a right dish.

I was with Rainbow Reef Dive Shop to do scuba dive for 3 days!


The dive shop had a cute 3 legged puppy. Super friendly dog welcomes us every morning 🙂

Wants to play all the time!

Look at his eyes!!!

I was excited to be on the boat. I couldn’t wait to go underwater!

Getting ready to get my gear all together!

Beautiful morning…

Fun crew

I got to to 2 days of reef diving and one day of whip wreck. Visibility was ok but I got to capture few shots.

You can see more underwater images from here!

I walked more around the neighborhood after my dive.

Free pastry 3-7 pm if you order sandwich!! Lucky me!

Beautiful sunset


Conch ceviche and onion rings…

Last morning dip at the hotel…

I’m going to miss this heated pool and jaccuzi…

Started driving back to Miami, I stopped by an alligator farm.

There are so many… babies…

Almost too many…

I got to be on this air boat…

I didn’t know what I signed up for… It was a mistake…

Alligator show…

I got to touch a baby alligator… Mixed feeling of seeing all the cute babies. They are going to be meat, belt, boots etc.

Then I drove to my Airbnb in Miami. I had to sleep early for next day’s Shark dive in West Palm Beach! But of course I jumped in the pool as soon as I got to the house!

I drove 90min. to get to West Palm Beach from Miami in the morning! I heard weather is bad they might have to cancel. Visibility is 15ft…

But we had nothing else to do so we took a risk! Choppy water but we made it to the spot!

Sharks were ready for us! We dove down to 90ft first and came up slowly to 20 ft.

They were hungry (for fish I believe…)

One of the photographers captured this shot and I was happened to be in it! Thank you Corri!

You can view underwater images of sharks from here!

I got to meet Brittney, a young and beautiful breast cancer survivor. She drove 4 hours from Orlando to come see me and do underwater portrait shoot! She did an amazing job underwater 🙂 Photos are coming soon!

I ended my trip with this breakfast. They made mistake with my order and gave me extra food! I’ve been lucky with weather and food here! I would love to come back to Florida again.

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