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2020 Mexico – Cabo Pulmo, La Paz and Todo Santos Trip Report

Mexico, 2020!

We were a little nervous leaving U.S. for Mexico because of the corona virus pandemic and a U.S. border closure. Well… we are heading out! We’ll see what happens~~

Best time to travel… Half of the plane was empty. I got extra cookies 🙂

When we arrived, I got a message with a drawing map from my Airbnb to get to his place in Cabo Pulmo. One road…

We got a rental car and drove about 2 hours. Last 30 min seemed forever driving on a unpaved road. We were happy to see the ocean finally!

The map was pretty accurate 🙂 We got to our AirBnb.

Super clean and simple.

There were so many dogs hanging out here. All friendly and didn’t bother us too much. These two, specially the pug wanted to show us around like he owns it. Such a boss.


It was windy and cloudy. Bad news was most of the dive shops closed due to the rough weather and all the snorkeling trips were canceled! They were not even sure about scuba diving until the next morning… I was bummed. I need a drink.

Happy Hour!

Beans and cheese…

Shrimp ceviche

Chips and salsa

Next morning… After all the worries…

YES!! I did 2 dives!! This is a national park and the reef is protected so I needed a permit for a big camera. Since weather was not so great anyways, I decided to shoot only with GoPro.

I saw bull sharks for the first time! They were gracefully swimming around us and checking us out!

In a muggy water, I could still see the beautiful animals.

Then I heard a whale song! Our dive master told us is it was a sound of a mother and her cub. The sound travels 5 times faster than the air. They are swimming and singing from miles and miles away… I got chills when I listened to this from my Gopro footage.

After the dive, we walked to a restaurant to get lunch. And realized I’m going to miss a Karaoke night!

Animals in Cabo Pulmo were so chill. They live there with such am admirable confidence.

Cold beers were perfect!

Stuffed chile and shrimp tacos.

We drove for 20 min. to get to another beach.

Pizza on the pizza plates for dinner!

Half vege and half crab with goat mozzarella cheese!!

And they had this ammmmazing vegan chocolate cheese cake!!! (yes, still in Mexico…)

Next day, we drove 2 hours to La Paz.  Airbnb owner had a friendly dog.

And of course I chose a place with a pool!

We walked around to check out the town.

In the middle of a touristy area, I found a children’s play ground for disabilities.

I thought it was pretty cool.

Church. Kids were singing.

We checked out a vegan taco cafe.

Pretty tasty!

Scuba day!

To get out from the dock, we had to wear a safety vest.

After searching for whale sharks, we finally found one!! She was so beautiful. I have ONLY one photo because I didn’t realize snorkeling and chasing a whale with my big camera was so difficult!

I used GoPro for the 2nd jump and I got to be close to her.

Arrived in sea lions colony!

So many sea lions! Our dive master turned around and told us there is a huge male sea lion!

He was huge!

He saw me but he was not interested…

I saw a little drama here with these two!

Their movements are mesmerizing, I just wanted to observe their behaviors instead of shooting.

 Please click here t0 check out more photos from La Paz, Mexico dives!


Wherever I travel, I always go to local supermarkets. I love seeing what local people eat.

Getting some souvenir 🙂

Last day in La Paz. We checked out a local beach! No tourists here and people were super nice.

Beautiful sunset with a pink sky.

Next morning, I had to dip in the pool for the last last last time…

Arrived in Todo Santos! Airbnb was really cute!


We had an organic vegan lunch!

Sunset was gorgeous here too.

We came to this beach to see sea turtle hatchling.

The organization came and educated us about turtles and their mission.



I felt so sad to let them go… Be safe, babies!

It was a memorable 7 day vacation in Mexico! This was actually my early birthday scuba trip. Last year was in Kona, Hawaii and a year before was Cayman Island. I’m glad I went on a trip even though Covid-19 pandemic was on the news everyday. We took a risk to get out there, had amazing time and came back peacefully. I hope to go diving again when everything calms down.

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