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Underwater Healer is BACK at the San Francisco Apple Store 10/8/15


Iím excited to announce that next week, October 8th at 6 PM, Iíll be hosting another event at the San Francisco Apple Store on Stockton.† Please come (and bring friends!) to hear all about my Underwater Healer Project, see photos from my many cancer survivor photo shoots and find out how you can get involved and be a supporter.† Iím so excited to be back at the San Francisco Apple Store.† I canít wait to see you there and answer any questions you might have.

Itís been a busy three weeks filled with not one, not two, but three underwater shoots!† Iíve been incredibly lucky to work with some fantastic, beautiful individuals – both survivors and supporters of my Underwater Healer project.† I have so much to catch you up on, but for now lets rewind to September 12th.

My first San Jose shoot two weekends ago allowed be to work with two beautiful cancer survivors – Eden and Alysha.† I knew the shoot was going to be magical when both of the ladies showed up wearing mermaid pants.† Eden, a two time Wilmís Tumor survivor and currently battling congestive heart failure felt very insecure about her many surgery scars.† Iím happy to report that after her shoot with she said felt full and beautiful, which is exactly the result I aim for with all my clients.


Also sharing the pool with Eden was Alysha, a Papillary Thyroid cancer who underwent a complete thyroidecomy.† Her treatments have left her fatigued and issues with coughing and shallow breathing.† She always has loved water and felt it to be therapeutic and washable to relax in the water.† Alyssa said her body felt less tense, body aches were forgotten and she slept well for over a week – something that rarely happens for her nowadays.† Iím so happy that she was able to find rest and peace thanks to the shoot.


Please check out these two wonderful ladiesí testimonials and watch their videos.† And if you want to see more photos from their shoots head over to Instagram. They have amazing stories to share of determination and courage.† If you would like to support the project or donate towards a cancer survivorís underwater portrait shoot, you can do so here.† And stay tuned, more underwater shoot recaps coming soon!

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