Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Tara – Breast cancer survivor is returning to the safe space

Underwater Healer About Face
 My name is Tara. I chose to do a second underwater transformation healing session with Erena, as the first one I did one year before was an incredibly healing and special experience for me. The sensation of being in warm water, with my various creative costumes on was a freeing, liberating and comforting moment. I truly appreciated the tasteful, artistic photos I received after the event and have enjoyed sharing them on my blog page, social media and other outlets. The fact that I love being in the water made my time with Erena a bit of a fantasy come true, I got to wear my beautiful wedding dress and mermaid tail and step into my own magical land! The last year of my life has been tremendously traumatic in many ways. Both my parents tragically died within a four month time period, in pretty challenging circumstances. I chose to do another session with her as I was aware of how much grief, trauma and PTSD I was carrying after both of their deaths. I knew that being in the water would be a healing experience to help transform the shock and pain I had been feeling with their loss. Before the photo session, I was in a deep space of grief, sadness, physical exhaustion and overwhelm due to the turbulence of being a caretaker and experiencing profound and sudden loss in a short period of time. - What did you think of Shibari? Shibari was a fascinating experience for me! When Erena suggested...

3 basic steps on how to submerge

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Who wants to do underwater portrait shoot? ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ I’m not a professional underwater model or free diver. But I can still do this and you can too! Who cares what other people think! Just be you and believe you can do it. Science as proven that warm water immersion has psychological and physiological benefits and I would love to share the experience with you! It feels SO good to be in a place where you feel safe and no judgment. By minute by minute, I’m able to sink longer and I’m able to feel free. Open my arms to hug the water to let the water control me. Check out this video to see how to submerge underwater in 3 basic steps. 1.Inhale exhale with a count of 5 for 5 rounds. 2.Last exhale, you exhale all the way (fast) BEFORE you submerge. OR exhale while you are submerging but need to stop bubbling out otherwise all the pictures have bubbles on your face 😊 3. Move slow 🧜‍♀️ If I can do it, you can do it too! See you...

Underwater Podcast with Bret Stanley

Underwater Healer About Face
I was invited to an underwater podcast hosted by Bret Stanley. He is also an underwater photographer who creates beautiful stunning images. I was flattered to be asked as a guest for a breast cancer awareness month to talk about my journey with cancer and trauma survivors. It's been awhile since the last time when I had a speaking gig so I was pretty nervous! It's hard to hear my own voice because I don't talk about myself in public. When the Talks@Google happened a year ago, that was the first time ever I opened my heart to share my personal story. During the podcast, when I spoke about how the car accident happened, my voice started to shake. I had to stop for a few seconds to breathe. Bret asked me if I wanted to change the subject but I said no. Because it's important to talk about what happened, who I am and how I got here. If you have any comments or questions, please email me. Thank you for...

Interview with my mom about aqua fitness

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This underwater image was taken during my sister’s underwater maternity shoot. I knew water was not my mom's favorite place but she still wanted to help. She has a water related traumatic experience in the past and it causes fear of deep water. By looking at this photo, I can say that she has the best smile out of all of us! She is brave and strong! Ere: When did you start feeling nervous about water and why? Ma: I learned to swim when I was in elementary school in Japan. But years later, somebody pushed me down under water (he thought it was funny!) and I panicked. Ever since, I started to feel anxious thinking about deep water. I get scared when my feet don't touch the bottom because I can't control my balance and movement. It also feels like I'm falling down from the sky. Ere: How was your daughter's underwater maternity session? Were you ok in the water? Ma:  I was staying in the 4.5 feet area video taping. It was harder than I expected. I don't remember the last time when I swam in a pool. It must be a long time ago. But I felt really really good because the water temperature was 92F and it relaxed my body and tension. Ere: You are taking aqua fitness classes. What is the reason for going back to the water after the photo shoot? Ma:  I realized I felt so refreshed and happy when I left the pool. Like my spirit was lifted....

Please donate or sign up for a photo shoot in Huntington Beach

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Huntington Beach Photo Shoot 7/27 - 7/29!! I'm so excited to be coming out to LA to shoot 2 amazing female survivors and artists from Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company. I have time for only 5 more shoots. Let me know if you or your friends would like to shoot with me in Huntington Beach in 7/27-7/29 ★ Your session fee is tax-deductible and a portion of your funds will go towards photo sessions with trauma survivors. Donations are also greatly appreciated. Please donate here Marisa Hamamoto - Sexual harassment & stroke survivor Miya Schaikewitz - Spinal cord injury survivor Opening spots are 7/27 - 3pm, 6:30pm 7/28 - 9am, 3pm, 6:30pm 7/29 - 8am Huntington Beach Discounted Photo Package $250 Includes:  (This package price is ONLY for this location) • Consultation (50% deposit) In person or on Skype/Facetime • Pool session (50%) 60 min. Pool session • High resolution digital photos Two final retouched photos Additional retouched images are $25/per ••• Please contact me to save your spot! ••• This is my Talks@Google from this year sharing my story, passion and why I am here today. Please check it...

San Diego Trip Report with Liz Carmouche!

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Leaving San Francisco was such a hectic experience! I was really stressed out but when I woke up to this beautiful morning, I inhaled and exhaled deeply with my eyes closed. I could forget all the negative thoughts and restored fresh mind. It's so dreamy and surreal. I started assembling my new Ikelite gear. This is my first time using their new housing and I find that it's simpler than the older version. I'm liking it! I met Liz! She is already comfortable being underwater because she plays in the UTL (Underwater Torpedo League), so I wasn't worry about anything! She can stay solid underwater. Her body is like a weight! (100% muscle) Communication is important during the photo shoot. THANK YOU Liz and her son for making time to meet me and do underwater transformative photography! They were so amazing underwater. Please read her story and beautiful images from here. BIG THANK YOU to Michael Timm, a free dive/scuba instructor from SD who helped me capture behind the scenes. I treated myself with an amazing lunch after the photo shoot! The sushi chef was Japanese and highly recommended me to go to Sea World... (ah...no thanks...) My Airbnb host was friendly and sweet. She was also backing 400 cup cakes for her grand kid's school event!!! ...yes, 400!! The place has a pool and Jacuzzi!! Gotta come back here in Summer! After I left the house, I decided to do Falconry for the first time. I actually didn't know that this sport is 4000 years old!! They were so beautiful. ...


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Talks@Google It was an incredible experience to be at Google speaking for Talks@Google and share my passion and stories to Googlers! Super nervous face... Youtube video is up online and on Google website! I hope you are curious about the underwater world! Please contact me to find out more and sign up for your portrait session. A portion of the session feel will go towards underwater transformative photography project. Underwater portrait photography has psychological benefits for cancer survivors, domestic violence survivors, people with PTSD, and physical disabilities. Everybody deserves to experience a life-changing underwater transformation and feel...

Huntington Beach Trip for PADI, Dive Warriors, Jared and Xoe

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It seems like I travel back to the same place twice this year. I was in Grand Cayman twice and Huntington Beach next!! I love traveling to see same people to catch up and build a tighter relationship. Back in September, I was in Huntington Beach to meet a veteran, Jared from Dive Warriors and an accident survivor Xoe to do underwater transformative photo shoot. Also I was happy that PADI asked to contribute a dive trip report with veterans for their blog page. As soon as I arrived to Huntington Beach, I wanted to jump in the ocean. The weather was gorgeous and made me feel at home. So beautiful. I drove to L.A. to see my busy friend, Carlos! It's been awhile. He has been making amazing movies and his work always blows me away. So inspiring. You need a break! Stop working!!! I went back to my AirBnB in Huntington Beach and I saw my host, Don cleaning the pool! This is my second time coming back to his place!! He is super supportive for my campaign. He took care of his pool back in April for 3 breast cancer survivors. I really appreciate how generous and humble he is. I've never met any host like him!! He is always smiling too! (and his hair is awesome) His beautiful kitty and a pup :) Guarding the pool. I went to visit my boyfriend's aunt and uncle who live near by. They fed me Impossible burger!! Thank you Laurie and Ben!! The next day,...

A tattoo magazine, Inked!!

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"Meet the woman who has pioneered a transformative therapy practice and empowers people with underwater portraits as they struggle through their physical and mental turmoil." – Inked I'm happy to announce that my work was published on Inked, a tattoo magazine November issue!! It was an emotional reminder to share my story. I also talked a little bit about my inks in the article :) It means a lot if you guys read it. Please go grab your copy...