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Grand Cayman Trip Report 2018

YES! Adios America!

My travel buddies. #titosodanoice


Arrived in Grand Cayman after 12 hours. Immigration officers were so kind at the airport. One of them were so happy to find out I’m Japanese because she is watching Japanese Animation to learn Japanese. She practiced a little with me while other people were waiting in line stressed…

I washed my face and jumped in the pool right away! Pool is not heated but it’s not necessary. It was warmer than 90F!!

Iguanas are every where on the island…

The resort has a scuba dive shop and the dock is right outside! I can’t wait for tomorrow morning!

Reef Divers in Grand Cayman

First sunset.

…and I can have my dinner, Wahoo fish with this beautiful background!

DAY 2!

Morning dives begins at 7:45am. I woke up every morning at 5am to set up my camera so I have enough time to chill before we took off.

Beautiful morning from the boat…

I felt SO good! It was awesome to be back in the water for sure.

After diving, I had an appointment with Jim Catlin, an underwater photographer to master a new skill, split shot!! 2 hours flew by so quick! I tested out my new knowledge few days later. Photos coming soon. I still need to practice more!

After that, I had a different appointment with Jennifer Weber, an operation manager at Cayman Islands Cancer Society. We are collaborating an underwater transformative photo project with 4 children and 1 adult who survived from Cancer. I’m meeting them at the resort in few days.

She took me out to a local restaurant, Macabuca! Conch ceviche and tuna ceviche were so fresh and delicious!

I got to watch the sunset during our dinner. Beautiful.




Dive maps are always beautiful and realistic.

We’ll never get lost with these…

Beautiful Sky~

After the dive, I jumped in the pool and decided to go check out the town!

Around here, it’s not too friendly for getting into the water from the shore. Pretty rocky.

Walking is not a big deal for me usually but the sun here was brutal. I was the ONLY ONE walking on the street…

Goats anyone?

But I kept walking to find a beach! I saw cows…they are even in the shade, damn it.

Yes! I finally found a cemetery beach after 40min. of walking! I was drenched with sweat…

This cemetery beach is literally by the cemetery. You go through it and see this beautiful beach.

Thanks to this paper map!! It’s been awhile using this kind of navigation… I can still survive!

DAY 4!

Hug the ocean! #VIP

I wonder how many times they drew these maps.

Sky is crazy today with black clouds…

This blue is mesmerizing.

After the morning scuba, I had a big day waiting for me! I met two families to do underwater transformative photo sessions. It was challenging and inspiring. Thank you Jennifer and Audry for the huge support on this!! Photos are coming soon!

That night, I was invited to one of the families’ house for dinner. Mechon (with his son) is a Lymphoma survivor. Nini (with me) is a brain cancer survivor )Anaplastic Ependymoma) . Thank you for the delicious Philippino food!

I brought Jelly Belly Beans from U.S. Coincidentally, Tommy (Mechon’s husband) had made a toy…

that beans drop from the hole!! It worked!

Day 5!

Let’s go Reef Divers!

3D map ready…?!

So beautiful…



After the dive, I met another young survivor, Sarah! She is a Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer survivor. At the end of the photo session, she said, “I’m so pretty.”

That night, another family took me out for dinner. Charlie is an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survivor. Charlie, Sabrina and Woody were so nice. They are a sweet family.

I gave Charlie Jelly Belly Beans and she looked like she was melting with sugar.

Dinner was SO delicious!

Conch salad!

Seared tuna!

Sabrina and Woddy told me that the whole family (except Charlie) have this tattoo, “Swim” on them. This is a good luck symbol for Charlie.

Day 6!

Ocean is rough this side of the island so our boat is leaving from the other side today.

Once you go out further, you’ll see these blues again!

After the dive, I got to take underwater photos of these two gorgeous ladies in the ocean.

The sunset is always beautiful here… Extra huge and bright today.

Day 7!

Last dive!

Miss sun blocker.

My dive buddy, Mr. Bing has a fancy style! He made me happy the whole time!

My last scuba was awesome. I’ll miss this view a lot…

After the dive, I went to meet Tiffany, a cervical cancer survivor which I didn’t know that she was until the next day!

Her friend picked me up from the resort and took me to the beach. I realized that she was driving Japanese car because all the text were in Japanese! I asked her, “can you read Japanese?” She said, “NO, CAN YOU!!??” So I helped her out a bit. ahaha.

The beach is beautiful. I love seeing the clear water. Tiffany did an amazing job underwater and I forgot to take photos with her…

I can’t wait to show you her photos!

After the photo shoot, I decided to check out the neighborhood and go get my LAST conch salad!!

SO HOT!!!! All the locals thought “a tourist is walking in this weather…” But I got what I wanted!! Yum!

On the way back to the resort, I saw another Japanese K truck! A local told me that buying Japanese cars from Japan are much cheaper than buying from Grand Cayman!!??

Then I ran into this little old lady. She followed me for a long time and looked at me like this…


Last sunset at Grand Cayman.

I want to thank this amazing team here for organizing everything. I’ll miss them a lot but I’m sure I’ll see them again underwater.

See you until then 🙂

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