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Interview with my mom about aqua fitness

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This underwater image was taken during my sister’s underwater maternity shoot. I knew water was not my mom's favorite place but she still wanted to help. She has a water related traumatic experience in the past and it causes fear of deep water. By looking at this photo, I can say that she has the best smile out of all of us! She is brave and strong! Ere: When did you start feeling nervous about water and why? Ma: I learned to swim when I was in elementary school in Japan. But years later, somebody pushed me down under water (he thought it was funny!) and I panicked. Ever since, I started to feel anxious thinking about deep water. I get scared when my feet don't touch the bottom because I can't control my balance and movement. It also feels like I'm falling down from the sky. Ere: How was your daughter's underwater maternity session? Were you ok in the water? Ma:  I was staying in the 4.5 feet area video taping. It was harder than I expected. I don't remember the last time when I swam in a pool. It must be a long time ago. But I felt really really good because the water temperature was 92F and it relaxed my body and tension. Ere: You are taking aqua fitness classes. What is the reason for going back to the water after the photo shoot? Ma:  I realized I felt so refreshed and happy when I left the pool. Like my spirit was lifted....

2020 Mexico – Cabo Pulmo, La Paz and Todo Santos Trip Report

Mexico, 2020! We were a little nervous leaving U.S. for Mexico because of the corona virus pandemic and a U.S. border closure. Well... we are heading out! We'll see what happens~~ Best time to travel... Half of the plane was empty. I got extra cookies :) When we arrived, I got a message with a drawing map from my Airbnb to get to his place in Cabo Pulmo. One road... We got a rental car and drove about 2 hours. Last 30 min seemed forever driving on a unpaved road. We were happy to see the ocean finally! The map was pretty accurate :) We got to our AirBnb. Super clean and simple. There were so many dogs hanging out here. All friendly and didn't bother us too much. These two, specially the pug wanted to show us around like he owns it. Such a boss.   It was windy and cloudy. Bad news was most of the dive shops closed due to the rough weather and all the snorkeling trips were canceled! They were not even sure about scuba diving until the next morning... I was bummed. I need a drink. Happy Hour! Beans and cheese... Shrimp ceviche Chips and salsa Next morning... After all the worries... YES!! I did 2 dives!! This is a national park and the reef is protected so I needed a permit for a big camera. Since weather was not so great anyways, I decided to shoot only with GoPro. I saw bull sharks for the first time! They were gracefully swimming around us and checking us out! In a muggy water,...

Please donate or sign up for a photo shoot in Huntington Beach

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Huntington Beach Photo Shoot 7/27 - 7/29!! I'm so excited to be coming out to LA to shoot 2 amazing female survivors and artists from Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company. I have time for only 5 more shoots. Let me know if you or your friends would like to shoot with me in Huntington Beach in 7/27-7/29 ★ Your session fee is tax-deductible and a portion of your funds will go towards photo sessions with trauma survivors. Donations are also greatly appreciated. Please donate here Marisa Hamamoto - Sexual harassment & stroke survivor Miya Schaikewitz - Spinal cord injury survivor Opening spots are 7/27 - 3pm, 6:30pm 7/28 - 9am, 3pm, 6:30pm 7/29 - 8am Huntington Beach Discounted Photo Package $250 Includes:  (This package price is ONLY for this location) • Consultation (50% deposit) In person or on Skype/Facetime • Pool session (50%) 60 min. Pool session • High resolution digital photos Two final retouched photos Additional retouched images are $25/per ••• Please contact me to save your spot! ••• This is my Talks@Google from this year sharing my story, passion and why I am here today. Please check it...

NiNi – Cerebral Palsy

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I met NiNi, one of the cerebral palsy clients from Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center. Nini is 38 years old and was born in Rangoon, Burma. She has Cerebral Palsy. It caused during her birth. The doctor couldn't get to the hospital in time, NiNi was suffocating and her body was blue when she came out. In Burma, the doctor didn't take good responsibility back then, no operation, no oxygen equipment and the doctor left the room as soon as he heard NiNi cried. The doctor didn't show up for 3 days after the birth and didn't know that Nini was unconscious for 5 days. When she was one year old, they learned that she had Cerebral Palsy because she couldn't stand, walk and talk. She could stand better when she was 7, but she falls a lot untill this age. The family moved to America in 1989. NiNi joined movement therapy class before she started her school in America. Also they learned that swimming is very good for her balance. Her waist is very weak so walking in the water is the best exercise for her balance. She has been swimming since 1991 and she loves it so much. She wanted to be involved in the Underwater Transformative Photography Project because she likes to challenge and learn new things. Nini waits until the pool clears. She couldn't wait to jump in the water! Mother and daughter :) "I was  so excited in the beginning and it was a little scary. Water felt...

Hawaii Trip – Yoga Retreat, UW yoga photo shoot, Hawaiian Cancer Survivor and friends!

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I came back from Hawaii a month ago and I'm still keeping my Aloha spirit in me. I was on Maui and Oahu for 6 days! My main plan was to only relax doing yoga retreat at Lumeria with my favorite instructor Lisa Danylchuk. She also worked with me on one of the cancer survivor photo shoots with Erica Yee. The yoga retreat center, Lumeria was gorgeous! I loved the vibe and the architecture design. People are super duper x5 nice and sweet! I was like in the dream being in the nature, practicing yoga, dipping in jaccouzi, swimming in the pool and eating organic delicious food everyday. I was also working on my underwater images and it was my dream office to work at! I brought my camera gear to capture Lisa's amazing yoga poses and the cool yogoni gang we spent 5days with! They all loved the experience and I was happy to work with them. While I was in Maui, I made a decision to meet at least one Hawaiian cancer survivor for an underwater healer photo shoot. I contacted my friend Kimi Werner and she introduced me to Amber Noilani who survived from thyroid cancer when she was 20 years old. I made a spontaneous decision to go to there for 6 hrs to meet them. Due to the Friday traffic, we got to the pool late and we had only 30-40 min. in the water. But I've got to capture Amber's beautiful images and the moment of Amber...