Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

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I want to thank PhotoPlus the Canon magazine writer, Dan for helping me push forward!

It was my first time creating a flatlay image of my underwater gear and I was excited!

Step 1 Find a place with a good light and bring all the items you want to layout.

I was suggested to use hardwood floor and I was lucky to have one in my house. My living room sits in the corner and absorbs the light all day so I decided to set up my gear here. I brought all the equipments in the room to figure out a Tetris layout.

Step 2 Play around with the layout and start shooting from the morning.

It took awhile to figure out how I wanted the layout to be. Since I travel with my gear every time, they are like my treasure. I wanted the image to look attractive and fun! I started shooting with my iPhone from 9am, every 30 minutes until 2pm .

Step 3 Don’t give up!

I made so many mistakes and it was exhausting. Walking back and forth from the living room to my desktop computer and back to the living room and on and on…

That night, after hours of shooting, changing, uploading and deleting, I realized that I was not happy with the result 🙁

Step 4 Be open to use another camera and see what happens.

I decided to sleep on it and wake up with a clear mind. From the previous shoot, I learned that 1pm – 2pm lights were pretty good so I started shooting from that time. For the last few shots, I decided to switch from iPhone to Android. AND I realized that I liked Android images better…

It took 2 days but I’m happy with the result and PhotoPlus also complimented it! 🙂

And I still like my iPhone 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing the magazine from the UK, click here! If you are already in the UK,  WHSmith which is still open during the current lockdown and also most supermarkets have a pretty good selection of magazines.

PhotoPlus website

Please stay safe everyone!

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