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The Huffington Post, Girls Talk HQ and Refinery 29

Thank you so much, The Huffington Post, Girls Talk HQ and Refinery 29!

This week has been awesome and I feel fortunate to get my work pressed by 3 different websites.

The Huffington Post
Mailet Lopez, a CEO of IHadCancer wrote a blog on The Huffington Post yesterday. I was very much happy to see my work on the website!
The Huffington Post

Girls Talk HQ
I contacted Girl Talk HQ by sending email about my work. Asha Dahya got back to me saying that she wants to feature my work on her site! She got all the information from 2 of my web sites and all the other pressed articles.

Refinery 29
After my work was pressed on The Huffington Post, Rifinery29.com contacted me. I was so happy and excited!
Refinery 29

I’m hoping to get more press so people can see what I’m doing with my life. I hope to hear back from somebody…. 🙂

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