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40th birthday with sharks in Hawaii

40th birthday with sharks in Hawaii

I’ve been busy lately! I was in Santa Monica for a presentation at Apple Store few weeks ago, I hosted a Sumo wrestling birthday BBQ party and I just came back from Hawaii!


I was in Oahu for 5 hours last year to meet a cancer survivor, Amber and my friend, Kimi. We had such a great time doing underwater photo shoot but it was too short! I’m glad I’m back on the island for 5 days this time. On my birthday, we did a PELAGIC MARINE ANIMAL RESEARCH DIVE to see sandbar sharks! I was so excited!


They came so close to us! We were super lucky to have 100ft visibility!


so beautiful…


They love to play with the bubbles from the boat! So cute!


I felt like I was in a dream, swimming in the deep blue and seeing 20 sandbar sharks.


I’m so happy with this shot!


Juan and Ocean are so knowledgeable, confident and humble about sharks and the ocean conservation. Please check out their site to learn about them! http://www.oneoceandiving.com


AND Ocean is a captain, scuba instructor, freediver, and everything ocean! Super woman!! It’s so cool to see a female captain!


We stayed at a condo with a beautiful ocean font view in Haleiwa. We snorkeled every morning!


IMG_4684  IMG_4736 IMG_4748 IMG_4749

We drove to Honolulu to see my friend, Kimi Werner at Ocean Expo! I see her every year for 4 years now. Since I missed her in January, I feel it’s complete!


Thank you, Kimi-


It was so coincident to have her painting from 10 years ago at our condo!! So crazy!


AND the expo had a crazy popcorn maker! First time eating frozen popcorn!!


We also got honey do flavor…


After we came back to Haleiwa, we wanted to see sunset on the beach.


We got to see my friend, Amber and George!


She gave me so much Aloha love!


last day…We were so sad leaving this beautiful island… we drove everywhere!


Rainbow! I remember seeing it when I was leaving Maui in January too!


Forgot to mention… I found Don Quijote ドンキーホーテー in Oahu!! I actually never knew how to spell that in English until now…


and a peacock hanging out … aloha…


My usual last meal before I leave Hawaii. Poke and popcorn!


I got home at 5am and went back to work that day. I was happy to share my aloha spirit with my co-workers. Donkey balls were popular!


I’m missing the ocean already. I’m sure I’ll be back there soon!! I have to search for a cheap flight!


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