Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Grand Cayman Scuba Trip Report

Grand Cayman trip was for my birthday in April. I decided to treat myself with 8 days of scuba diving in a beautiful blue water! When I jump in the water, I instantly forget all the worries and negative thoughts. It takes few days sometimes but the ocean is allowing me to let go. I get anxious when I wait on the surface! I look down to peek what's down there and  hear the ocean. Usually, I'll see somebody already in the bottom!! Can't wait descend! My dive buddy, Bing is ready to go! We descend together... We stick together... Follow the bubbles... We go deep in the ocean... You'll be in the middle of the deep blue sea... You see beautiful corals... So much colors More corals with my buddy, Bing!    Coral farts too... Marine animals... I found a lazy fish here... Nurse shark with a fish hook :( She followed us for long time. May be she needed help...   Kittiwake Shipwreck! I always feel sad coming up to the surface... I love the underwater world. This is something you won't experience on land and I can't wait to go back down there again. Thank you so much Reef Divers from Cobalt Coast...

40th birthday with sharks in Hawaii

40th birthday with sharks in Hawaii I've been busy lately! I was in Santa Monica for a presentation at Apple Store few weeks ago, I hosted a Sumo wrestling birthday BBQ party and I just came back from Hawaii! I was in Oahu for 5 hours last year to meet a cancer survivor, Amber and my friend, Kimi. We had such a great time doing underwater photo shoot but it was too short! I'm glad I'm back on the island for 5 days this time. On my birthday, we did a PELAGIC MARINE ANIMAL RESEARCH DIVE to see sandbar sharks! I was so excited! They came so close to us! We were super lucky to have 100ft visibility! so beautiful... They love to play with the bubbles from the boat! So cute! I felt like I was in a dream, swimming in the deep blue and seeing 20 sandbar sharks. I'm so happy with this shot! Juan and Ocean are so knowledgeable, confident and humble about sharks and the ocean conservation. Please check out their site to learn about them! http://www.oneoceandiving.com AND Ocean is a captain, scuba instructor, freediver, and everything ocean! Super woman!! It's so cool to see a female captain! We stayed at a condo with a beautiful ocean font view in Haleiwa. We snorkeled every morning!   We drove to Honolulu to see my friend, Kimi Werner at Ocean Expo! I see her every year for 4 years now. Since I missed her in January, I feel it's complete! Thank you, Kimi- It was so coincident to...

Underwater Yoga Portrait Session from Maui

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Underwater Yoga Portrait Session from Maui I'm back on the mainland and still spreading the ALOHA spirit!! I'm finally uploading images of underwater yoga portraits from Maui retreat! We all had a great time underwater. I'm missing everybody... Our annual happy baby pose! Also Matrix!! I'm going back there in January, 2016 for the same underwater yoga portrait session in Maui. Underwater group portrait photography is included in the package, everyone!! You can reserve a spot by contacting Lisa Danylchuk http://howwecanheal.com/retreat-with-me/ You can also see other Maui photos from here https://underwaterhealer.com/about/2015-maui-yoga-retreat I hope to see you guys in...

Scuba diving is my meditation

I was in Key West for my birthday trip last week. None of my friends knew about this place so I was really excited to explore by myself. It was 85-90 degrees. People there both locals and visitors were incredibly friendly and natural. They were relaxed. I had 2 days of scuba trips and I loved every minute of it. It's been 6 months since the Maui trip and I truly think being by the ocean and scuba diving are my meditation tools. I believe everybody needs vacation, escape and space for your healthy mind and body. I came home refreshed! But I miss it...