Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

ICEBAT 2018 International Conference Evidence Based on Aquatic Therapy

April 2018, ICEBAT International Conference Evidence Based on Aquatic Therapy was held in Las Vegas, CA. It was their first time having a conference in United States! I was so ready to show my work, share my story and connect with everybody through our passion.

Las Vegas Airport


Las Vegas

So Vegas…I haven’t been here for over 20 years!

Oodle Noodle

After I checked in my hotel, I had lunch with my friend, Michiko who I haven’t seen for over 20 years. So good to see her and catch up! We are both old now but still young inside.. (almost too young) Cold udon was declious!

Her husband is a veteran and he is willing to help spreading the word of underwater transformative photography to other veterans. I really appreciate their support!

When I got back to the hotel, I had to start setting up my booth.

It was challenging to hang the big banner! I feel like I needed something more water texture instead of the brown wall… Always something come up at the last minute!

Next day! Starting soon-

People are so curious about my project but couldn’t tell what it is until I explain to them. I have to have a clear message saying it’s a survivors’ underwater journey to transform… or something like that? And also I need a video display next time!


The main reason for being at this conference was to meet Dr. Bruce Becker. I admire his research study on warm water and brain.

I finally got to meet him in person! I hope to keep in touch with him for the future collaboration!!

This is the organizer and a speaker, Stacy Lynch who works with alzheimer’s desease.

Please watch Stacy’s video on the patients improvement on YouTube!

I also learned about all the water movements for hydrotherapy rehabilitation. (water was 60F!!!)

Aqua Yoga

Aichi (underwater Taichi) First time learning about Aichi was invented by Japanese therapist, Jun Konno!

My brain was full from the weekend of hydrotherapy information. I’m more interested in learning about how water can connect with creativity mind.

Time to rest my brain and drink (I mean, eat!) #titosodanoice

Since I’m in Vegas…Gotta go see the show, “O”!! Water theme and it was perfect for this weekend!

Beautiful movement of the human body and water.

The theater at Bellagio was beautiful. This is the sealing.

This Las Vegas trip was educational and inspiring. I met so many people who I want to keep in touch with. My brain is still full with new information and extended educations. I want to organize my mind soon to edit my talk for this year’s gig! Thank you so much for having me there, #ICEBAT2018 !




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