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Okinawa and Tokyo trip photos, 2014

Okinawa and Tokyo trip photos, 2014

I was already in Tokyo in May for the Cancer Survivor Underwater Portrait Exhibition but I decided to go back again to get those images back to U.S. and to see my mother’s Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement exhibition. This time though, I decided to go to one of my dream islands for scuba diving, Okinawa!

My trip started fantastic with these wonderful and crazy people, my sister and her buddy, Tracy!

I finally arrived in Narita and spent a night at my aunt’s house. My mother was there already and she was getting ready for her Ikebana exhibition in Tokyo. Cats always have a good life….

Then I took off for Okinawa the next morning.

Everything went perfect getting into Naha, Okinawa. By just looking at these emerald green/blue water, I thought, I’m home again (ocean)!

My Okinawan friend booked a shared room for…..400YEN ($4) after I asked for a backpacker’s rate… With a hand written sign saying $12 a night but I guess she got a local price for me! I was an adventurous tourist more than usual. I LOVE islanders though. They are so warm hearted.

IMG_3324.JPG IMG_3325.JPG

I asked a young (they were all young!) employee where I can get the local food and he took me to a vegan Taiwanese restaurant. $8 for all you can eat buffet!! They were so delicious! It was owned by a Taiwanese family, sister/brother team. They told me it takes only 1 hour to Taiwan from Okinawa. I looked around in the restaurant and the customers were all Taiwanese elderly people. And they were so sweet!


The next morning, I went scuba diving. First time in Japan and it’s been a looooong time without my underwater camera. It was relaxing and worry free time. The water was still warm. I went up on the deck to hug the whole ocean to myself! VIP!


These are the divers for this trip. Japanese divers behave different on the boat!! As soon as they get on,  they instantly fall asleep sitting!!! I thought it was from their crazy busy work 🙁 but all of them started throwing up! I tried to keep a conversation going but they seemed not interested. hahaha. (may be I’m too boring)


Japanese truck is to tiny!


I haven’t seen this gal, Emiko for more than 10 years! Thank you so much for taking care of me!!

IMG_3440.JPG IMG_3464.JPG

I went to see some whale sharks and mantas in the tank with all other amazing marine animals. It was mesmerizing and entertaining but I had a mixed feeling about this…


I saw Great White too… but they still looked sexy.


One of the famous Okinawan foods, Ocean Grapes 海ぶどう。Grapes shaped seaweed on the right bottom corner. They make noise like a little bubble wrap, party in your month! So tasty.


I need more than 3 days to stay in Okinawa and explore different islands next time!! Now, off to Tokyo!


Back in Tokyo after I refreshed my mind and soul with Okinawan spirit! I met my friends I know for 26 years! We are still the same since 1989!! I love them!


I went to see my mother’s Ikebana exhibition. She did an amazing job! Good job, MA!


I also went to 3 Apple store locations in Tokyo to promote the underwater healer presentation I did in SF downtown location. My friends were so impressed I went there without any appointments. Hell yeah, I can! Crossing my fingers!


I went to Odaiba  and I saw Gundam for the first time!


I’ve been contacting some people for a future project with a 3D chocolate printer!!??



And of course, amazing food everywhere.  I found a sweet red bean pie at McDonald!! SO GOOD!

Japanese homeless people don’t smell!


The last day in Japan, I visited my old friend, Teruko in Narita! I’m so proud of her designing her own home! Amazing! Thank you for the delicious dinner!


My mother is helping me disassemble my cancer survivor portraits and put them back in my suitcase. Thank you, Ma!


Back in the office after one day flight cancellation, I went strait to my work from SFO. ZZZZ


Amazing KitKat flavors we can’t get here
I had a different Japan trip this time. Full on events and actions in 6 days. I needed to decompress for few weeks after this.

But I’ll see you guys there next year! I’m hearing something might happen with another exhibition!!!!???? I’ll keep you posted!

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