Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Interview with Mr. Bing, 78 year old scuba diver!

I met Bing during my Grand Cayman trip in April, 2018. He was my dive buddy! He inspired everybody with his character and a fancy wetsuit. I wish I had more time to hang out with him! I decided to interview him when I got home.

“My name is Bing, I was born in Washington DC. I’ll be 78 this June 12th. I live in Boulder Colorado I’ve been here for 54 years.
Growing up I always felt a connection to water oceans, creeks, lakes, rivers and swamps . My cousin skin dove and I would try be like him.

I was in the navy when I got out and got married. We moved to Colorado. We often would hike to high country lakes. To recover from the city.
When she passed I took up many diversions.

At the age of 73 I decided To get back to the ocean by Scuba diving.

All the month of Aug will be in Indonesia I’d say that is my dream trip for now.

While enveloped by the sea
Sea creatures and me all together.
Weightlessly suspended
Suspended above corals
Living communities so ancient
Sandy plaines, walls dropping off into the deep blue.
I have mastered flight
Then look into a dark crevice.
Do I dare to enter?
With my best Buddy we shall see who lives there.”

Love your toe nails!!! You have 20 year old young skin!!

Thank you, Bing! You made everybody smile on the boat. You are my best buddy. I’m sure we see each other underwater!!

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