Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Organizing Seattle cancer survivor photo shoot!!

So far, I’ve done photographing 4 survivors from the Bay Area. I’m waiting for one more male survivor, then Bay Area is complete!! You can check out the testimonial page to see their beautiful images and their underwater experience. I loved meeting and working with all of them and it was a precious experience to see their faces glow 🙂 They made my day.

Now, I’m getting ready for 2 survivors in Seattle on the 26th. Due to my tight budget, Lindsay from Portland is meeting me and Lori in Seattle to do the photo shoot. I’m heading over there on the 25th to meet the pool owner. My friend’s friend, Ann is offering the pool for no charge!! Thank you so much for the generous support. People have been so sweet and supportive for my campaign. My heart is full of happy tears.


今は26日、シアトル行きに向けて、準備をしています。バジットがある為、ポートランドのリンジーさんが 私とローリさんに会いにシアトルまで来てくれる事になりました。プールは私のSFの友達の友達、アンさんがフリーで貸してくれます。このキャンペーンの為に色んな人達がサポートしてくれてます。本当に私のハートは感謝と幸せ涙でいっぱいです。

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