Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Huntington Beach Trip for PADI, Dive Warriors, Jared and Xoe

It seems like I travel back to the same place twice this year. I was in Grand Cayman twice and Huntington Beach next!! I love traveling to see same people to catch up and build a tighter relationship.

Back in September, I was in Huntington Beach to meet a veteran, Jared from Dive Warriors and an accident survivor Xoe to do underwater transformative photo shoot. Also I was happy that PADI asked to contribute a dive trip report with veterans for their blog page.

As soon as I arrived to Huntington Beach, I wanted to jump in the ocean. The weather was gorgeous and made me feel at home. So beautiful.

I drove to L.A. to see my busy friend, Carlos! It’s been awhile. He has been making amazing movies and his work always blows me away. So inspiring. You need a break! Stop working!!!

I went back to my AirBnB in Huntington Beach and I saw my host, Don cleaning the pool! This is my second time coming back to his place!! He is super supportive for my campaign. He took care of his pool back in April for 3 breast cancer survivors. I really appreciate how generous and humble he is.

I’ve never met any host like him!! He is always smiling too! (and his hair is awesome)

His beautiful kitty and a pup 🙂 Guarding the pool.

I went to visit my boyfriend’s aunt and uncle who live near by. They fed me Impossible burger!!

Thank you Laurie and Ben!!

The next day, I got to meet Xoe, an accident survivor. She lost her leg during the accident and this is her first time going in the water. She was nervous but she said it was the celebration with her new body.

Please take a look at her beautiful transformations from here.

Then in the after noon, I met a veteran, Jared. His family came to support the photo shoot. He said underwater is the only place he doesn’t feel any pain. He is a scuba diver and one of the Dive Warriors. Ocean is his therapy and water means freedom.

Please read his story and awesome underwater underwater transformations from here.

The next day, Dive Warriors took me to Catalina island to scuba dive with them!! I contributed a blog post on PADI site.

This is Kyle, Vice President of the Dive Warriors, a dive instructor and a Navy veteran, shared, “Scuba diving helps my disabilities by allowing me the luxury of being weightless while having compression take those pains away. It’s also the ONLY time my tinnitus ever goes away—when the water fills my ears, the ringing stops. The water changes my body and mind in conjunction with one another…with peace of mind, peace of heart and serenity.”

He was my main contact for this trip and I’m grateful for making time during his busy schedule. His mom’s dessert was the best thing ever after the incredible dives with veterans!

I was happy to share my passion with other veterans who can also understand being underwater is a life-changing experience.

The last day, I got to meet my old roommate from 1995!!! I’m grateful we are still good friends! I love you, Alyson!!

We jumped in the ocean and I felt so rejuvenated. Recharge.

I had an amazing trip again and I’m lucky to be part of everybody’s lives. Thank you so much for trusting me and respecting me for what I do. I hope to see you underwater again!

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