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Underwater Healer About Face
Thank you so much #ABC7News #ABC7 #KGO-TVSanFrancisco (ABC7) for sharing my Underwater Transformation Project with cancer and trauma survivors. Since I launched my campaign about a month ago, it's been like riding a roller coaster. I want to thank all of the donors for the generous support. Currently, there are 71 donors contributed about $5k total (minus process fees) from GoFundMe and Media Alliance 501c3. With this, I can get to the Bay Area, Los Angeles and possibly Portland/Seattle survivors. THANK YOU!! Any dollar amount will help to reach 22 survivors on the list. Also if you sign up for the underwater photo session, 100% of your portrait session fee will be donated to this campaign. Please click on the link to read the message and waiting list of thrivers! https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-22-survivors-and-thrivers Thank you so much for your support aways. Erena #underwatertransformation #underwaterphotography #aquatictherapy #cancersurvivor #domesticviolenceawareness #autism #ptsd #veteran #suicideprevention #breastcancerawareness #malebreastcancer #chronicpain #depression #multiplesclerosisawareness #leukemiaawareness...

San Diego Trip Report with Liz Carmouche!

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Leaving San Francisco was such a hectic experience! I was really stressed out but when I woke up to this beautiful morning, I inhaled and exhaled deeply with my eyes closed. I could forget all the negative thoughts and restored fresh mind. It's so dreamy and surreal. I started assembling my new Ikelite gear. This is my first time using their new housing and I find that it's simpler than the older version. I'm liking it! I met Liz! She is already comfortable being underwater because she plays in the UTL (Underwater Torpedo League), so I wasn't worry about anything! She can stay solid underwater. Her body is like a weight! (100% muscle) Communication is important during the photo shoot. THANK YOU Liz and her son for making time to meet me and do underwater transformative photography! They were so amazing underwater. Please read her story and beautiful images from here. BIG THANK YOU to Michael Timm, a free dive/scuba instructor from SD who helped me capture behind the scenes. I treated myself with an amazing lunch after the photo shoot! The sushi chef was Japanese and highly recommended me to go to Sea World... (ah...no thanks...) My Airbnb host was friendly and sweet. She was also backing 400 cup cakes for her grand kid's school event!!! ...yes, 400!! The place has a pool and Jacuzzi!! Gotta come back here in Summer! After I left the house, I decided to do Falconry for the first time. I actually didn't know that this sport is 4000 years old!! They were so beautiful. ...

Huntington Beach Trip for PADI, Dive Warriors, Jared and Xoe

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It seems like I travel back to the same place twice this year. I was in Grand Cayman twice and Huntington Beach next!! I love traveling to see same people to catch up and build a tighter relationship. Back in September, I was in Huntington Beach to meet a veteran, Jared from Dive Warriors and an accident survivor Xoe to do underwater transformative photo shoot. Also I was happy that PADI asked to contribute a dive trip report with veterans for their blog page. As soon as I arrived to Huntington Beach, I wanted to jump in the ocean. The weather was gorgeous and made me feel at home. So beautiful. I drove to L.A. to see my busy friend, Carlos! It's been awhile. He has been making amazing movies and his work always blows me away. So inspiring. You need a break! Stop working!!! I went back to my AirBnB in Huntington Beach and I saw my host, Don cleaning the pool! This is my second time coming back to his place!! He is super supportive for my campaign. He took care of his pool back in April for 3 breast cancer survivors. I really appreciate how generous and humble he is. I've never met any host like him!! He is always smiling too! (and his hair is awesome) His beautiful kitty and a pup :) Guarding the pool. I went to visit my boyfriend's aunt and uncle who live near by. They fed me Impossible burger!! Thank you Laurie and Ben!! The next day,...