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Meet Survivor Maya!

Maya, a Brain Cancer survivor

I have some exciting news to share! Tomorrow I have scheduled an underwater photo shoot with cancer survivor Maya and NBC Bay Area (KNTV Channel 11) will be covering behind the scenes!

I’ll have more to share next week on the news coverage, so this week I really wanted to introduce you to Maya. She’s a very special gem and I am very excited for our portrait session tomorrow!

maya brain cancer survivorMaya Sycip, Brain Cancer Survivor, San Francisco, 23

“The name of the tumor found in my brain was called a “Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma” and it was about the size of an apricot.

Overall I was very healthy and played sports all throughout high school so I was very athletic. However, I did suffer from migraines, but just thought it was normal because my mom has them.

I found out August 28, 2012 (the second day of my sophomore year at Loyola Marymount University) in my On-Campus housing apartments. That Tuesday morning, while I was still sleeping, I had a seizure and my roommates called 9-1-1.

I was diagnosed when I was 19. (I) had emergency brain surgery the very next morning after I was diagnosed. On June 13, 2016, I will have officially been in remission for 3 years.”

Why do you want to be involved in Underwater Healer About Face?

“I’d like to be involved in the Underwater Healer About Face because I’ve never done anything like it before and I still have some healing to do of my own.  I’m hoping that this will help me heal more from my experience of having cancer.”

What do you expect from this Underwater Healer session?

“I expect to raise awareness and give hope to other cancer survivors that they can still feel beautiful.”

I can’t wait to work with Maya’s transformation! Stay tuned for photos and all the behind the scenes action!

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