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One FREE Underwater Portrait Couple Shoot this Saturday!

Are you and your partner in, near, or can get to San Jose THIS Saturday (May 21st, 2016) at 11 AM? If so, I have one FREE underwater portrait session for ONE COUPLE!

I’m looking for a couple who wants to improve the communication, connection, teamwork and confidence through underwater portrait photography. The underwater portrait session includes one Skype consultation, one 30 minute pool photo shoot and requires one short testimonial (written Q&A and video) after the fact. You’ll receive one image and by agreeing to this free shoot the image will be used by me on my website and on my social media channels. This opportunity does not come around often, I would jump on this if I were in your shoes!

Unsure what you might be getting yourself into? Here is a testimonial from one couple that has participated in an underwater portrait shoot with me:

How was the communications for the photo shoot and during the session?

“Initially, we were going to just ‘go with the flow’. I did do some research on different poses as a back up (in case I felt unsure what to do with my body). It was a tremendous amount of teamwork and understanding to be able to carry (this) out underwater. So much multi-tasking goes on…. its a task to execute sometimes. However, its gets easier when someone shares the same goal and view.”


Did you guys talk about the photo session after? What did you talk about?

“How we enjoyed ourselves. It was true quality time we spent and haven’t had that alone time since our first child was born.”

How was rest of the day with each other?

“We wanted (to) extend the moment and so we ate food and bought Easter gear for family. We were so happy that we didn’t mind being in traffic on the way back home to Oakland. We (then) took a nap as soon as we got home (and fell asleep) holding hands. This is definitely a therapy mechanism and it will demonstrate it (through your) body language.”

If this interests you and you are available for this date and time – May 21st at 11 AM – please contact me!

In case of rain, photo shoot will be rescheduled at a later date.

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