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Love Is In the Water

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  While I believe you should show your loved one affection 365 days a year, I still love Valentine’s Day and the romantic sentiment behind it.  I’ve been very lucky to shoot some beautiful, caring couples over the years and wanted to share a recent underwater portrait shoot experience with my speaking coach, Travia and her husband.

If you attended the San Francisco Apple Store event in October 2015, you saw her speak on her experience briefly.  She and her spouse are so lovely that I wanted to share her story further, and what better excuse that Valentine’s Day to do so!

Travia, a supporter, talking about her underwater experience

“When I first met Erena, I thought her photos and personality was amazing. It’s rare to meet someone with such authenticity, passion and humility. Since she did couples, I knew it would be a perfect experience for my husband and I. We started off with a consultation, then did the shoot a few weeks later. When we arrived to the pool, she greeted us, did all of my makeup for me and assisted with my jewelry.

I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to hold my breath, however, she coached us through the process and by the end, I felt like a pro. I had a greater level of confidence and sense of peace. My husband and I have never experienced such an amazing activity together as this and will cherish this forever.”

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If you are interested in having your own couples experience or buying a gift certificate, please contact me!  It’s perfect to celebrate a special day such as an engagement, wedding or anniversary or a surprise gift on the other 364 days out of the year.  It’s a great last minute gift!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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