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My Survival Story

My Survival Story

I was so happy to meet Martin and Katarina from Switzerland last week! They are traveling the world to capture cancer survival stories for their project, My Survival Story.
They contacted me several months ago through Skype. They wanted me to be a part of their project to inspire other survivors. One of the survivors, Tina said, “Survivors need survivors to survive.” I was excited to share my story, beautiful images of survivors and how underwater portrait photography heals survivors’ emotional scars. I loved hanging out with them.


It’s been awhile… to be interviewed… since the NBC show!


We met a breast cancer survivor, Betsy from San Jose, CA. She is a NP at Stanford hospital. This is also my 3rd breast cancer survivor with a nurse background. May be their work schedule and stress caused cancer…  Martin and Katarina interviewed her before the photo shoot.


Betsy told me she doesn’t usually wear make up. She is beautiful with or without it 🙂 She did amazing work under water!!


After underwater photo shoot with Betsy, I asked her how she felt underwater… Pictures are coming soon!!

Then I took a photo of Martin and Katarina!


Photos are coming soon! They were fascinated by how dreamy the photos look 🙂


Before they came to San Francisco, they were in San Diego to meet Scott and Mandy! I met them in March for my Underwater Healer project. Scott is a 2 time testicular cancer survivors and he froze his perm when he was 21 yrs old. His wife, Mandy got pregnant with his last sperm! Now they have a beautiful miracle daughter, Coco Bean Rex! They are super happy!!


Before and after 🙂 Please check out their beautiful story!


I had an incredible time hanging out with Martin and Katarina. They left for Tokyo few days ago!! I wish them well and hope to meet them next year for sure!!


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