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Medical conference 2017

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It was one of my dreams to be part of medical/health field. My work was displayed at a medical conference!! They look gorgeous!! Thank you for your continuous support! ガン関連のメディカルコンフェレンスで 私の作品とバックストーリーがギャラリーに飾られました!3年連続での サポートありがとうございます?!! Please read a story of a breast cancer survivor, JoAnn. Please read a story of a stomach cancer survivor, Steve, a breast cancer survivor Kim and a testicular cancer survivor Scott Please read a story of a thyroid cancer survivor Pauline and a brain cancer survivor...

Genentech USMA conference in Arizona, Phoenix

Genentech USMA conference I was invited to Genentech USMA conference in Arizona, Phoenix from April 21-25 to present my underwater healer project. They flew me out and gave me a gorgeous hotel!! For the opening night to welcome us, the band, Pink Martini played! I wish I had talked to them! Sante Johnson came with me to give a beautiful speech in front of more than 500 doctors. She was one of the survivors from my underwater healer about face campaign, 2013. She survived from breast cancer. In the end of 2013, she was diagnosed and she is sick again. She agreed to share her experience going through her treatment. (Thank you, Sante!) Monday night, We finally got to meet the organizers and Sante rehearsed her speech. Tuesday was the BIG day for us. Sante's husband sent flowers to wish us the best of luck!! So sweet! Thank youuu-!! Then we checked out my images if they arrived safely from SF! Whewww they did! Sante's speech time! The place was packed!! I was so nervous for her! I was holding an iPad to take video. Her speech was beautiful. She talked about her artistic life and experience going through her treatment. She also talked about my underwater healer project how therapeutic it was to experience the transformation. When she finished her speech, everybody stood up. I started crying! After the speech, we all went upstairs to see my images. I stood right next to them and Q and A sessions with everyone who appreciated my work. They were...