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Looking to 2016

Underwater Healer About Face
It’s unbelievable to think that 2016 is less than 10 days away!  Last week I looked back at 2015 and some of my most dear moments.  This week, I want to look forward to 2016 and what I aim to accomplish. I’m setting a personal goal to speak more in 2016.  Two of my three most favorite 2015 moments were speaking engagements and I want to continue to grow myself as a public speaker.  Not only do I want to reach people at the far corners of the world - inspire them with stories of courage, strength and beauty - but I also want to challenge myself.  I want to grow as an orator.  I have met with a speaking coach and am excited to push myself to overcome any nerves and polish my presentation style.  I love talking to groups and want to speak to even larger audiences.  Whether it be an Apple Store presentation, speaking at a university or organization, I am enthusiastic to see what keynote opportunities arise and seek them out even more in 2016. My biggest goal that I am working towards is to present a TED talk.  It’s not an easy feat, only 50 speakers are chosen each year at the conference, but I believe in myself.  I know that with practice and preparation I can share my story of Underwater Healer and the transformation of the survivors to a global audience.  I’m optimistic that in 2016 I will present a local TEDx talk, a...

2015 in Review

I can’t believe 2015 is almost over!  This year was full of amazing events, strong survivors, and beautiful clients.  And while each one is special to me, I wanted to remember three especially poignant moments from the last twelve months. First, I receive so much joy when I think back to my trip to Boston.  Not only did I have four underwater shoots with four lovely women (one of whom is now a beautiful mommy and one of my biggest supporters!), but I also gave a presentation at the Apple Store on Bolyston Street.  The turnout was incredible and you could feel the emotions as I spoke.  The crowd was so enthusiastic about my project and spoke with such excitement - my heart was, and still is, full of happiness from it all. Second, the San Francisco Apple Store event in October was truly unbelievable.  So many friends, supporters and About Face cancer survivors came out to support my presentation.  It was awe inspiring to have so many survivors share their testimony unasked and unexpectedly.  It was by far my most emotional event to date.  It meant so much to me to not only hear your kinds words of how much your life has been positively impacted by the Underwater Healer project, but to also share them to a crowd.  Thank you with all my heart. Last, but certainly not least, would be my supporters over the year who have booked maternity, engagement, or just fun underwater portrait sessions.  Every single one...

Sponsor an Underwater Shoot for a Cancer Survivor!

Since I started my project Underwater Healer About Face I’ve been blessed to work with 23 cancer and trauma survivors.  For over two years I’ve been amazed by watching their transformations - fears being overcome, emotional scars being healed and a renewed beginning for their lives moving forward.  It’s a magical time spent with these fighters and survivors and I cherish every bit of it. I would love to keep working on this project because underwater portrait is very effective for cancer survivors. They feel freedom and it gives them courage to challenge themselves to try new things. There is a waiting list of survivors who would like to experience the underwater portrait session just like everybody here and I need your help!

 Every single underwater portrait session for cancer and trauma survivors is FREE! In order to continue to work with survivors on the waiting list I rely on all you wonderful supporters.  There are three ways you can make a difference in a survivors life with Underwater Healer: 1.)  Donate!  I’m not 501(c)(3). 2.)  Schedule a shoot for yourself! Do you have a fear of water? Stress due to work?  Or are you a fan of my work and want your own underwater portrait shoot?  I would love to work with you as well and give you an experience of a lifetime.  Please reach out to me and I’m happy to set up a location (within the San Francisco Bay Area).  You can get more questions answered about what...