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    Having a hard time being yourself? Feeling stressed out from life or want to challenge yourself with something powerful? Water can free your mind and body. If you are curious about the Underwater Healer Project, please contact me and I can assist you further with more information.


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The flow of water, the quiet sound of air, and the feel of a 360-degree transcendent meditation space…
Let an underwater portrait photography session transform you.
I’m an underwater portrait photographer and an underwater healer. I travel the world to reach my clients and to help them improve their self-esteem through underwater healing. My goal is to work with people from all over the world to heal their mind and body with the magic of underwater portrait sessions.

My last client had a fear of water. Even though she technically knew how to swim, she still always had a nervous and uncomfortable feeling toward water. After she saw some of my underwater photography portraits, she felt inspired. She thought an underwater photography session might help her conquer her fear, and she became both excited and curious about the underwater world that had felt so foreign before. During the photo shoot, she felt motivated by the experience and invigorated. She was surprised at how much more confident she felt after the session, and she was proud of herself for having taken a step toward conquering her fear of water. The photographs shown below are a couple of our favorites from that shoot. She says that looking at these pictures remind her of the strength and confidence she gained from this experience. She is now ready to move on to her next stage!

Are you looking for something like this to challenge you? I assure you it’s an amazing and one-of-a-kind experience. If you’d like to find out more about an underwater healing session, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Remember—anything is possible! All you need is to be curious and optimistic!

Best wishes,



水の流れ,静けさ,そして360度の超越した黙想空間。。。 あなたは水中でポートレイトを撮影している間に トランスフォームしていくでしょう。

私は水中ポートレイト写真家,そして水の中での治療者です。クライアントの自尊心の向上を助ける為に世界中を駆け回ります。 一番の目標は 世界中の人達の心の病みを 水中ポートレート マジックで 少しでも 癒して、元気をつけてあげる事です。ある一人のクライアントは水の恐怖症を持っている人でした。彼女は私のいくつかの作品を見て、水に対する恐怖を克服できるのではないかと考え始めました。 全く違う世界であった水の世界に興奮と好奇心も持ち始め、水の中で写真を撮られている間に、彼女は誘導され,元気つけられている事を感じました。その後、 自信がみなぎり、水の恐怖心を克服した事に誇りを持つ事ができました。 彼女はできあがった写真を見て感動し、この経験で得た力と自身を無駄にしないように 新たな次へのステップに向かう準備をしています。貴方は何か、自分自身にチャレンジしたい物を探してはいませんか? このポートレートセッションは 生きている上で 貴重な思い出と、素晴らしい経験になる事を心から請け合います。水中治療について、お質問がありましたら、ご遠慮なく私に御連絡ください。人生すべてが可能です。何事にも興味と好奇心を持つ事が大切だと私は信じます。皆様にお会いするのを楽しみにしています。


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Underwater Portrait Session

  • Consultation  1 hour meeting in person, phone or skype
  • Q & A anytime on the phone or the email
  • Pool session 30 min. prep and 1 hour pool time. Pool location to be arranged。
  • High resolution photos on CD or online
  • Prints (Optional) Extra fee for photo, canvas and aluminum prints.

Special Discount on Underwater Portrait Session for Cancer Survivors!

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She wants the photo shoot to be each client’s own project. The clients should be involved in pre-production so they can get to know each other and feel pumped up about the shoot! For her, the most important and beautiful aspect of her work is to be able to successfully present who the subjects are through their expressions, emotions and personalities. Telling them what they should look like would defeat the purpose of her goal, so she prefer not to do that. She helps them feel comfortable and relaxed underwater.

yelp review

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Please describe your Underwater Healer Project request and your situation/condition (including your location and desirable dates) in as much detail as you can, and I can assist you with more information. Thank you.