Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Interview with my mom about aqua fitness

Underwater Healer About Face, uw portrait
This underwater image was taken during my sister’s underwater maternity shoot. I knew water was not my mom's favorite place but she still wanted to help. She has a water related traumatic experience in the past and it causes fear of deep water. By looking at this photo, I can say that she has the best smile out of all of us! She is brave and strong! Ere: When did you start feeling nervous about water and why? Ma: I learned to swim when I was in elementary school in Japan. But years later, somebody pushed me down under water (he thought it was funny!) and I panicked. Ever since, I started to feel anxious thinking about deep water. I get scared when my feet don't touch the bottom because I can't control my balance and movement. It also feels like I'm falling down from the sky. Ere: How was your daughter's underwater maternity session? Were you ok in the water? Ma:  I was staying in the 4.5 feet area video taping. It was harder than I expected. I don't remember the last time when I swam in a pool. It must be a long time ago. But I felt really really good because the water temperature was 92F and it relaxed my body and tension. Ere: You are taking aqua fitness classes. What is the reason for going back to the water after the photo shoot? Ma:  I realized I felt so refreshed and happy when I left the pool. Like my spirit was lifted....