Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Before and After – Stomach Cancer – Steve

Please click and drag the white arrows to see my underwater transformation.

Steve Melen

Stomach Cancer Survivor – Financial advisor.

My name is Steve Melen. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in January 2008 and had my stomach, spleen, half my pancreas and a third of my esophagus removed in February 2008. I went through chemo and radiation treatment, and I had several complications and unexpected challenges over the next couple years.

I wanted [my daughter] Ava in the photos as I thought it shows a great father-daughter bond to both be underwater floating together. She is the main reason I am here today as she is my angel. She gave me strength while in the hospital and through really hard times, even when I was too weak to hold her. I think the underwater campaign is a great way for survivors to see themselves in a new and different light… I would recommend this to other survivors to give them a picture of freedom and a worry-free life.





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