Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Before and After – Brain Cancer

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Emily Morrison

Brain Cancer Fighter

New Jersey, New York

I was a financial associate but [am] on disability [now]. I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in 2011. After several surgeries to alleviate the pressure, I underwent radiation therapy and chemotherapy everyday for six weeks. I continued chemo for a year. Earlier in 2013, I started losing my vision. Doctors discovered another tumor on my optic nerve. While the brain tumor has remained stable, the optic nerve tumor has been harder to treat and I have lost all my vision in my right eye and part of my vision in my left.

I loved the opportunity to do the underwater session with Erena. It was on my to-see list from the moment I saw underwater photography and knew it was possible. It is a way to see yourself in a different light and environment. It is a way to showcase how much you can accomplish. It is a beautiful escape.



私は金融系の仕事をしていましたが、現在は療養中です。2011年に手術不可能な脳腫瘍と診断されました。脳への圧力を軽減す るための手術を何度か受けた後、6週間にわたって毎日放射線療法と抗癌剤療法を受けました。抗癌剤療法は1年続けました。2013年の始めに視力を失い始 め、別の腫瘍が視神経で発見されました。脳腫瘍は安定しましたが、視神経腫瘍の治療は困難で、右目の視力は完全に失って左目の視力も一部失いました。恵玲 奈との水中撮影はかなり楽しめましたよ。水中写真を見た瞬間からすぐに自分でも経験したくなり、自分でも実現できることは分かっていました。自分のことを 違う観点・環境から見ることができる手段で、自分がどれだけ達成できるかを人に見てもらう機会でもあります。美しい逃避と言えますね。

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Underwater Healer About Face

Help cancer survivors re-discover their beauty through underwater portrait photography.

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