Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Before and After – Pediatric Cancer – Chelsea

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Chelsea Makela - Actress

Pediatric Cancer Survivor

Los Angeles,CA

My name is Chelsea Makela, I was born in San Francisco, CA and I have been living in Los Angeles being an actress and studying to become a register nurse.
I am a pediatric brain cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at 8 years old and went through chemo therapy as well as multiple brain surgeries (6 in my lifetime) it strengthened me in ways I didn’t know I could be strengthened. I found how far I can push myself and still find drive, strength, and optimism. You can find out more about my story at www.chelseamakela.com

Underwater portrait photography was so freeing, and fun. I really enjoyed the ability to create movement, and art with Erena using underwater photography. Such a freeing experience, and one I highly recommend to others.

Absolutely recommend this to people! And anyone who wants to just let go, and feel the freedom of underwater photography. It’s a really great experience and so full of creativity.

pediatric cancer survivor

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Underwater Healer About Face

Pediatric cancer survivor Chelsea heals through underwater healer about face, cancer survivors rediscover their beauty through underwater transformation

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