Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

Gold Medal Olympian – Brenda Villa

uw portrait
I had an underwater photo shoot with a water polo Olympian, Brenda Villa and I had an opportunity to do an interview with her! I feel so lucky!! What was your dream when you were a child? My first dream was to become a doctor or lawyer. However, I as I got older and became a better water polo player, water polo took over my life and lead me in a different direction. What was the relationship like with your brother? Was he your inspiration or somebody else? Parents? (I read that he was a water polo player too) As a younger sister, I followed my brother everywhere and wanted to do everything he did. I was lucky enough to play on the boys HS team with him and win a HS championship. I always wanted to be like him or get his approval. It was hard to get as a younger sister. What was like to play in a boys team being only a girl? (high school?) I know kids can be mean! My team was very supportive, I grew up playing with most of the boys. It usually was the opposition team that made comments and sometimes made me uncomfortable but my love for the game kept me playing. Are you coaching a team now? Right now, I coach a couple teams. I coach the HS girls at Castilleja School and I run a youth water polo team called the Menlo Mavericks. http://menloswim.com/belle-haven-pool/water-polo/menlo-mavericks/ You told me your happy place is underwater. Why? What does WATER mean...