Underwater Transformation About Face Underwater Transformation About Face

What Inspires You?

As the year comes to a close and the holiday season is knocking at our door, it’s easy to feel tired and lose yourself in the hustle and bustle around us.  I encourage you to take some time  to self reflect, renew yourself and concentrate on what inspires you. Possibly you find inspiration in your family and loved ones. Take the time to be with them. Maybe you find inspiration in being outdoors. Go out an enjoy a fresh snow fall, or if you’re lucky to live in a warm winter climate, enjoy the warm on your face. Or maybe you find inspiration in someone who is living your dream (or one similar). Learn from them and let them motivate you to find your own success. As an underwater photographer, I find my inspiration most in the ocean.  Since I was a child I loved water.  I would eventually grow up to love diving, beautiful underwater sea creatures and meld my passion for photography with the submerged world.  No matter how many dives or portrait sessions I do, I find inspiration in it all. I also find inspiration in others.  I am continually blow away by London-based underwater photographer Zena Holloway.  Her photos possess a beautiful dream-like quality.  It’s as if your fantasies popped into real life.  The light and beauty in each photo is breathtaking. I highly encourage you to check out her work. I also am inspired by Tomohide Ikeya, a Japanese photographer who brings light into darkness underwater.  His photos are raw with emotion; both...