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Butterfly totem 蝶に伝わった私のエネジー

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I hope you had a great July 4th weekend! I was at Bass Lake during the day with bunch of friends. I haven't been there since the last August. We cut the traffic with motorcycle and got to the place pretty quick! We hiked for 2 miles going through some tree tunnels and got to the water finally! We jumped in with our inflatable tubes and floats. (so cute to see big kids who ride Harley) The water was so warm but my underwater camera was not really good for the muggy water :( When we were hanging out floating, a butterfly landed on my leg, suddenly. It was rare to see it on me and I was told to search for the butterfly totem and I did when I got home. I was shocked to read what it was. The butterfly symbolizes a personal transformation, changes in your life. This is exactly what I want and going through to make it happen right now. I'm launching a fundraising campaign called Underwater Healer, About Face. About Face means to change the attitudes, views and turn things around 180 degrees. It's for the cancer survivors but also for myself. I'm looking to change something big! Butterfly sensed that energy on my scaled legs :) http://www.spiritanimal.info/butterfly-spirit-animal/ I had such a wonderful...