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Before and After – Fear of Water – Amy

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Amy Yu - Editor

Fear of Water

My name is Amy Yu.

I’m a San Francisco girl, born and raised. I consider myself a city girl, but not the tough-as-nails sort. My high school had this requirement where the students had to pass a swimming test in order to graduate, so I dragged myself to swimming classes every morning for a few months during my senior year. I’m not entirely sure how I passed that swimming test, seeing as how I’m actually really afraid of water. Not being able to touch the ground or breathe through my nose makes me nervous. And certainly, a near-drowning experience in Maui did not help my general attitude toward water. I didn’t like that I still had this fear of water as an adult, and I thought doing the underwater photo shoot with Erena would be a fun and creative way to confront my fear.

During the first half of the shoot, I was nervous while acclimating to the sensation of being in the water for so long. I made weird faces while holding my breath, and I felt frustrated that I couldn’t make my body behave the way that it usually did above water. Erena gave me some weights, which helped to literally ground me. I felt more calm then, and started focusing on posing rather than letting my panic dictate everything. The more I was able to focus on what I wanted to do, the more I started to forget my fear and enjoy the actual experience. When Erena gave me a preview of the pics that she’d taken, I couldn’t believe it! There were so many amazing shots… Poses and faces that I couldn’t have possibly pulled off if I was above water… I was really proud of myself for doing it, and I’m so grateful to Erena for giving me such a rewarding experience. It really made me feel good and boosted my confidence. And best of all, I’m no longer as afraid of water now! The pictures remind me of something I’d accomplished–and can do again!

I definitely recommend underwater healing to anyone! I’d say that if anyone’s even remotely curious about this experience, they should just do it. You’re pushing yourself to get out of your element, and there’s nothing like it in this world! The experience itself is one-of-a-kind, and the beautiful pictures are something that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

*Amy is now taking a swimming lesson in San Francisco!

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Overcoming fear by doing something new and beautiful.