Underwater Healer About Face Underwater Healer About Face

Confidence, Freedom & Beauty Awareness

Cancer Survivors and Domestic Violence Survivors

Underwater photography gives a beautiful escape and a new rediscovery.

Confidence, Freedom, Let go & Joy

PTSD & Aquaphobias

Water has a power to improve your mood, self-esteem and overcome fear of water.

Communication, Connection & Trust

Physical Disabilities

Being in the weightless space, water gives freedom, possibility and ability.

Let an underwater portrait photography session transform you.

  • Planning

    Gather your favorite images and plan the concept!

  • Shopping

    Just have fun shopping for cheap clothes and props!

  • Swimming

    Either indoor or outdoor heated pools available in the Bay Area!

  • Celebrating

    You challenged yourself with new things! Let’s celebrate with your beautiful photos!

Psychological Benefits

Freedom 100%
Joy 100%
Confidence 100%
Self-acceptance 100%
Beauty awareness 100%
Improve insomnia 100%
Mermaid Factor 150%


We work with cancer survivors, domestic violence survivors, people with PTSD and physical disabilities. We would love your help in continuing to spread the word to help us increase the number of survivors that can take part in our project. With your help, we can make a difference in their continuous transformative process.


no cost for survivors
$1~ Anything will help for their transformative process

Underwater Transformation – About Face
We would like to give a FREE session for survivors. Please donate to help them experience this life-changing underwater transformation.
I’m not 501(c)(3)

Survivor Package

Your own portrait session
$250 Everybody deserves to feel beautiful

Discounted underwater photography session for survivors. Photos and stories will be featured on the testimonial page.

Please contact me to find out our package info.

Supporter Package

For you or as a gift
$470 Everybody deserves to feel beautiful

A portion of the money will be used for the underwater transformative project for cancer survivors, domestic violence survivors, PTSD and physical disabilities so that they can have this life-changing experience without financial obligation. Please contact me to find out our package info.