Underwater Healer About Face Underwater Healer About Face

Nikki – Accident Survivor

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Accident Survivor

My name is Nicola Stradling and I’m 48 years old. I was born in Merseyside, England.

I had a 70ft fall from an observation tower, lots of injuries and coma for five weeks. When I woke up, I had a hard time believing it because I have no memory about the incident at all.

I wanted to be involved in this project after I really responded to Erena’s passion and the presentation she gave at the CICS dinner a day before.

I felt excited…in the Caribbean we’re often in the water but I knew this would be different.
It was actually harder work than I thought it’d be. I’d seen some of the pictures that made it look easy. I was exhausted by the end!

Erena was amazingly helpful and patient, especially when I was trying to get my breathing sorted out. I felt happy and relaxed, probably because of all the deep breathing and breath holding we did.

To me, water means freedom to move unrestricted and to work on breathing, which is hugely beneficial for me. As a result I’ve started swimming more in my back garden.

I would heartily recommend this to other survivors, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Erena makes it simple and fun!

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