Underwater Healer About Face Underwater Healer About Face

UW Fashion Photography with Zena Holloway in Bahama

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UW Fashion Photography with Zena Holloway in Bahama and an extra stop in Florida I've been scuba diving for over 12 years and I became a scuba dive master in Venezuela. I started taking photographs of fishes and marine life. And one day, I saw Zena Holloway's work, Swansong, I instantly thought I want to be like her. Over 10 years later, I found out she was leading a workshop organized by Aquaspirit in Bimini, Bahama! If I miss this opportunity, I might not see her again. I finally decided to sign up to meet her in person! A dream came true! I did a mini interview with Zena at the end of the workshop. She gave us a great advice! SO... my adventure began from this huge canvas... #oceanhug Arrived in Bimini, Bahama! I cried looking at this crystal clear water!!!! It looks like a painting... SO GORGEOUSSSsssss!! The sky is not covered by any buildings. I felt like I was in the planetarium. If you have guts to walk up stairs on these. I'll give you $5. Don't worry, it's super safe. Rainbow before the sunset... aaand this is the place I stayed. At welcome dinner to meet Zena, other photographers and models! People are coming from 11 different countries!!?? So awesome to connect through our passions. AND I ran into Tammy from San Diego!! When I photographed 3 cancer survivors in San Diego last year, I got to rent her pool! Thank you so much for supporting my my project! It was a great night! The food...

Gold Medal Olympian – Brenda Villa

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I had an underwater photo shoot with a water polo Olympian, Brenda Villa and I had an opportunity to do an interview with her! I feel so lucky!! What was your dream when you were a child? My first dream was to become a doctor or lawyer. However, I as I got older and became a better water polo player, water polo took over my life and lead me in a different direction. What was the relationship like with your brother? Was he your inspiration or somebody else? Parents? (I read that he was a water polo player too) As a younger sister, I followed my brother everywhere and wanted to do everything he did. I was lucky enough to play on the boys HS team with him and win a HS championship. I always wanted to be like him or get his approval. It was hard to get as a younger sister. What was like to play in a boys team being only a girl? (high school?) I know kids can be mean! My team was very supportive, I grew up playing with most of the boys. It usually was the opposition team that made comments and sometimes made me uncomfortable but my love for the game kept me playing. Are you coaching a team now? Right now, I coach a couple teams. I coach the HS girls at Castilleja School and I run a youth water polo team called the Menlo Mavericks. http://menloswim.com/belle-haven-pool/water-polo/menlo-mavericks/ You told me your happy place is underwater. Why? What does WATER mean...

Underwater Healer on NBC Bay Area

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Last week brain cancer survivor Maya and I were interviewed live by Robert Handa of NBC Bay Area (KNTV Channel 11) to discuss my Underwater Healer project and her transformation. It aired this past Sunday morning on Asian Pacific America and is finally online to share with you! The interview was incredibly fun and also full of surprises. When I arrived at the studio I discovered it was not a taping, but live! I was a little nervous, knowing there would be no editing if I stumbled my words, but this situation is exactly what I’ve been working towards in my public speaking practice. It was hard, but it turned out great in the end. In addition to the studio interview, NBC followed me to Maya’s underwater shoot to capture  behind-the-scenes of an underwater portrait shoot. I’m so happy I was able to share the entirety of an Underwater Healer project, from start to finish, with others. Maya was a complete pro as well - from her underwater portrait shoot to the interview on Asian Pacific America.  Thank you Maya for sharing your story and transformation with us all! I’m very thankful to Robert and NBC Bay Area for giving me the opportunity to share my Underwater Healer project with their viewers. Be sure to watch the interview below and share with your...

Palm Springs Trip Report

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Palm Springs Trip Report September 18-20, 2015 Underwater Healer About Face in Palm Springs! This is my first time traveling to Palm Springs! I was super excited to find out about this new place! A little about PS trip: A 3 time cancer survivor and my good friend Nancy is one of the supporters for this project. When I approached her for this year's photos shoot, she was happy to do it! But she wanted to pay her own session and take me to her best friend, Don's house in Palm Springs because he has a beautiful pool! And I can reach out to other survivors. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Nancy!   I can't believe she designed this house!! http://www.homteamdesign.com/modern1--palm-springs-ca.html 今月は忙しい日々が続きました!これからパルムスプリングスで3人のサバイバーと水中撮影をしにいってきます。今回のアバウトフェイスの旅は少し違って、 3人の中の一人は私の親友なんです。3回のがんから克服したとてもパワフルなファイターです。今年の水中撮影プロジェクトの誘ったとき、自分の分は払いた いと言ってきました。しかもパルムスプリングに住んでいる彼女のベストフレンドの家のオリンピックサイズプールでやりたいとの事。私の飛行機代も払ってく れました。彼女は私にもっと他のサバイバーに会えるようにと願ってお金をきふしてくれたんです。この家は彼女がベストフレンドの為にデザインしたそうです。本当映画にでてくるような家でした Beautiful friends, delicious dinner, tasty drinks and full of love! It's my dream land to wake up and swim everyday... Photo shoots with beautiful survivors went really well! Photos are coming soon! DATES!! I bought dates from Palm Springs for my co-workers! They are so...

Boston Trip Report

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Boston Trip Report This was my Boston office for few days!! I'm missing it! I met Chien-Chi, a breast cancer survivor at 7:30-8:30am We connected in the water instantly! I met Katie at 8:30-9:30. She had her own mermaid tail from Hawaii! She did a beautiful job in the water! I met Kim at 9:30-10:30. She was nervous at first but look at this! She looks so natural! ' Next day, I had a presentation at Apple Store on Boylston street. I was super nervous as always. I had a different speaking coach this time and I practiced a lot before I left for Boston! The event was successful! It was the most emotional and impactful presentation I've ever had! It was so nice to hear everyone talking about this project. My heart was full with happiness!     I made these cranes for Boston people to wish them good luck and feel better. Next day, I had a maternity photo shoot with Vicky and Charles. They came from NY to support for my project. They helped me so much when I had a ABOUT FACE project in NY in 2013 We had lunch at The Neighborhood Restaurant in Somerville. I came here twice and I really liked it! I was recommended to go to Spanish restaurant, Dali. I was introduced to delicious wince, La Cana. I stopped by at this normal looking Sushi place. AND they were amazing!! So fresh! I always walked by at this local bar with bunch of alcoholics at...

Apple store underwater healer event in Santa Monica

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Apple store underwater healer event in Santa Monica It was such an amazing experience being in Los Angeles to give a presentation on our campaign, Underwater Healer About Face, help cancer survivors rediscover their beauty through underwater portrait photoghraphy. I've done this last year at SF Apple store location but I still have a fear towards public speaking! practice practice... Ok, time is up! I'm going to do this! I was happy to meet new people, see old friends and co-workers! I showed some of the creative underwater shots. This is an underwater BJJ. The images were featured on Fightland, VICE and printed on the February and March Issue. I also want to thank Fightland for the contribution to support our future underwater healer project to help cancer survivors! Thank you! I shared a story of one of the 13 cancer survivors, Amber from Hawaii. She survived from Thyroid cancer when she was 20 years old. Chelsea is a pediatric cancer survivor. She was diagnosed brain cancer when she was 8 years old. She shared her story and an underwater experience to inspire the audience. The presentation was successful! For the Q&A session, I asked them what they thought of our campaign. Erin is a professional underwater photographer. She gave us positive comments and encouragements for the future project! It meant so much to us. Thank you so much for your support, Erin! Diane is a BJJ practitioner (purple belt) and a medical school student. By hearing from a future doctor, her opinion meant so much for all...

Underwater Yoga Portrait Session from Maui

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Underwater Yoga Portrait Session from Maui I'm back on the mainland and still spreading the ALOHA spirit!! I'm finally uploading images of underwater yoga portraits from Maui retreat! We all had a great time underwater. I'm missing everybody... Our annual happy baby pose! Also Matrix!! I'm going back there in January, 2016 for the same underwater yoga portrait session in Maui. Underwater group portrait photography is included in the package, everyone!! You can reserve a spot by contacting Lisa Danylchuk http://howwecanheal.com/retreat-with-me/ You can also see other Maui photos from here http://underwaterhealer.com/about/2015-maui-yoga-retreat I hope to see you guys in...

2015 Maui yoga retreat and underwater yoga portrait photography

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2015 Maui Yoga retreat and underwater yoga portrait photography I'm back for Maui yoga retreat and underwater yoga portrait photography! I was SO happy to see my camera arriving safely, I want to give them LOVE everytime. As soon as I got to the airport, I got an email from VICE Fightland asking me if they can use one of the underwater BJJ images for February issue. And they needed the image that night so as soon as I arrived the retreat center, I sent it right away. Taking care of my business! I'm so excited to see them in the magazine! Please get one when you have a chance! Lumeria, a yoga retreat center was wonderful as always. I was there last year and happy to be there again 2 years in a row. First dinner with amazing people. We all got along so easy! This vegan chocolate mouse was so delicious. We were all speechless. Everyday, I usually go swimming at 6 am, eat small breakfast then 8 am for 90 min. yoga. I love it! After Brunch, we have free time for 6-7 hours before the restorative yoga session at 5pm. I'm usually chilling by the water, hanging out at the beach or listening to the music outside. Good practice to not stress out and do ABSOLUTELY nothing!! (I didn't know how to adjust my busy life to the aloha land in the beginning) As same as last year, we used their pool to do underwater yoga portrait photography session! Unfortunately, 3 of us...

Interview with a Brazilian TV show ブラジルのテレビ局とインタビュー

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Interview with a Brazilian TV show ブラジルのテレビ局とインタビュー I got a email from a Brazilian TV show, MULTISHOW. They told me that they are launching a new TV program and it will suit perfect with my Underwater Healer Project. They wanted to interview me in person. ブラジルのテレビ局、ムルティショーのプロデューサーから連絡があり、来年の新しい番組に私の去年からしているキャンペーンがぴったりだと言う事で、サンフランシスコの私の家(オフィス)でインタビューがしたいというメールでした。 I was super excited to have people over from Brazil and I felt definitely flattered by it. I'm grateful to be part of the show and to share my story to inspire the world. もちろんオーケーを出してすぐにスケジュールをくみました。他国からも興味を持っていただけて私のストーリーが世界中に広がってくれるのはとても嬉しいです。 The director, Gustavo and the cinematographer, Manuel were super nice, interesting and professional. I talked for 40min. I'm a listener and usually don't talk much so I felt like I used up 1 year worth of my voice and tons  of calories! They had few shots of me editing photos and my mermaid decorations. I hope I told everything they needed to know... It was a great experience meeting them and talking in front of the camera! ディレクターのグスタボとシネマトグラファーのマニュエルはとても親切でoおもしろくて、プロフェショナルでした。40分ほどのインタビューで喋りまくり。普段は聞き手なので、一年分の声とカロリーを燃やした感じです。笑。その後は私が写真を編集している所を何ショットか撮ってくれました。彼らが知りたいことをすべて話せてたらいいのですが、少し心配です。 For the perfect composition....The cinematographer, Manuel is fixing my best friend's underwater portrait photo from Puerto Rico. 私のベストフレンドの写真の位置を完璧な場所に動かしているマニュエル。 AND it is a SMALL WORLD. Manuel and I have a mutual friend, Branca!! I asked Branca if Multishow really exist in Brazil (hahaha). Meanwhile, Branca was trying to meet Manuel to catch up! Crazy! He was too busy and they had no chance to meet up :( I hope three of us can meet...